Scoder12 (771)

UPDATE: Now Repl.it has Native OPUS and Discord Music Bot support

The wait is over! You can now make music bots with discord! I have compiled libopus.so for repl.it which you can now use to make music bots.

To make your bot in python, all you have to do is fork the repl linked below.
If you want to use a different language than python for your bot, you need to download the .so file. Just fork the repl, press ctrl+shift+s, type php -S, and then add /libopus.so.0.8.0 to the url of your repl to download the file. Next, upload this file into your repl.

Ask questions in the comments, I might be able to help.

Before you comment asking for help:

Try it first, then let me know whether it worked or not. If it worked for you I'll update the post, otherwise I'll help the best I can.

Enjoy, upvote if it helped you!

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amasad (3052)

Thanks so much, Scoder! I will close the bug report and direct people to this.

EDIT: we just fixed this for Node.js. Try it out.

tpunn19 (7)

@amasad, This only works on Python. Most people who make Discord bots won't be able to use this feature.

amasad (3052)

@OctagonalT @tpunn19 hey can you send a repl where this fails so I can debug and fix?

OctagonalT (9)

@amasad theres no bug its legit missing ffmpeg

amasad (3052)

@OctagonalT it turned out we blocked UDP ports. I just made an exception to discord. Tried it out.

tpunn19 (7)

@amasad Thank you! It works now without Scoder12's solution. I can just install the requirements from NPM and it works.

amasad (3052)

@tpunn19 Awesome! I need help adding a node.js template to our template library -- do you have a simple node.js music bot repl we can add?


tpunn19 (7)

@amasad I only have this so far: https://repl.it/@tpunn19/Discordjs-Music-Bot. It only connects to a voice channel and plays some music, nothing special. I added the same markdown you did for Python except with the JS instructions.