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The basic python guide
python88 (282)

This is a google slides.

I am still working on it.

I was too lazy to make a replit lol I mean err... my repl wasn't working! Yeah, that's it hehe...

Hope you enjoy!

print('check it out!')


Bookie0 (4977)

make the link to anyone on the internet can view

and why this image? you could have at least put the python logo lol

add py after the 3 backslashes (`) for syntax highlighting! ;)

Bookie0 (4977)

@python88 yeaaa its kinda short. you should have done it on repl.it, for markdown. Also most of it is just making the repl and signing up on repl.it...
you should make it longer than just a simple print statement..

elipie (323)

is this part of the tutorial jam?