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Using screencaps to spice up your forum posts
SixBeeps (1403)

Sometimes when you're asking a question or pointing out a specific feature here on the Repl boards, it may be hard to describe visuals without going into immense detail. That's why I use screencaps a lot.

Screencaps allow you to take a picture of a portion of your screen so that you can point out something in particular. They're not hard to use, either. Here's a few programs I use to screencap.

Snipping Tool

I use this one the most simply because it's built into Windows. Sorry Linux and Mac users, this one's not for you.

Go to the Start menu and type "Snipping". You'll se something like this:

Open up snipping tool. You'll see a small window that looks like this:

Welcome to the best program ever built (kappa). If you click the "New" button, your cursor will become a + sign, and you can drag a rectangle around the contents you'd like to screencap. From there, you can hit copy so you can paste it into your forum posts:

Woah, what's that? I circled the copy button in red! Snipping Tool allows you to draw stuff onto the image. This is useful for pointing out something in an obvious manner. Just click on the Pen tool and draw away:


This one is cross-platform, and it works just as quick as Snipping Tool. The only downside is a lack of drawing features (I guess you could go into a paint program to do it, but...)

Linux installation is easy. Just sudo apt-get install gyazo and you're good to go. For other platforms, you have to go to their webpage and download it from there. We're all programmers, so I hope we know how to do this already.

Upon running Gyazo, you'll encounter the same situation as hitting New in Snipping Tool. You're able to make a rectangle around the part you want to snip, but afterwards, you'll be taken to a webpage with your snippet. You can copy this image by right-clicking it and hitting "Copy Image" and paste it into a forum post the same way as any other image.

(Sorry I don't have any screenshots of Gyazo, I don't have it on this machine)


This one is for Mac users specifically. Pressing this key combo will bring us to the familiar "Crosshair cursor, drag a rectangle around it" situation we're used to. I believe this auto-saves the image onto the desktop, so you'll have to drag it in from there to get it into the forum post.

Giothecoder (127)

You forgot iPad users :(


XD lol just kidding I just screenshot and crop like a normal iPad user :P