How to change your username
Coder100 (12440)

How to change your username

Please please please never ever do this! It's basically like deleting your account but you still have your repls (and they can't run) and a lot of other problems.

NOTE: You can only do this once.
NOTE: This has not been tested by me. I changed my username using the help of a mod.

Are you sure?

[ x ] Yes
[ ] No


Click here

Type in account

Type in change-username

Type in --username

Now, you can either

  • Use shell syntax to type in your username:
  • Use GUI


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EpicGamer007 (1157)

WOOWWWW, Thanks A lot. I though I couldn't change it because I signed up with google. Now I can change it and no one will no my real name. This is great.

Coder100 (12440)

No problem! Glad to help :) @AbhayBhat