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What tutorials would you like to see here?
GarethDwyer1 (185)

Hey all,

Last year I wrote several tutorials and shared them here. These tutorials were on Discord Bots, building a Django Application, Web Scraping, and Algorithms.

I'm preparing some new topics to write about this year and I'd love to get your input on what kind of tutorials you'd like to see here.

Please comment below with either (or both!)

  • Topics you'd like to see more of, for example - Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, Information Security (hacking), specific languages and frameworks, or any other area that you're interested in and would like to read and work through tutorials on.
  • Specific titles and topics - if you're battling with something specific, feel free to drop an exact title you'd like to see, like "Setting up a Flask web app on Repl with a PostgreSQL database hosted on AWS"

If you already see the topic in the comments below, feel free to upvote it instead of duplicating.

Looking forward to publishing more posts soon!

paullucas (1)

How about getting started with Java? OOP with class external class files.

theangryepicbanana (1623)

I'd love to see less python tutorials I'd like to see a tutorial on how to create dynamic content on the web using Ruby

mattdoan (17)

I know this is an old post, but I'd just like to put my opinion out there -

How about a Colyseus tutorial? It's sort of confusing learning NodeJS with Colyseus when on the Colyseus website they use import whereas on NodeJS on repl.it you use require, etc. A tutorial on Colyseus would be nice :)

derthon (0)

How about a tutorial on Reactjs since repl.it is made using it.

PYer (3396)

@malvoliothegood i havent seen any on replit

malvoliothegood (717)

@PYer Yes, there are few React tutorials on replit (maybe only my one) . React does not seem to be one of the hot choices that replit users make, even though it is the top library used by front-end developers. It may be because it is quite hard to pick up. For instance, a good knowledge of ES6/7 is needed. Here is a link to a React tutorial that I wrote (using another account): https://repl.it/talk/learn/React-Meteorite-landings-web-app/7970

minermaniac447 (245)

I'd love 'How to make an image hosting site using Flask'

timmy_i_chen (1097)

No ideas from me, but I love your work - looking forward to what comes next!

PaoloAmoroso (140)

Thanks for the opportunity.

I'd appreciate a tutorial on how to use a Python web framework to serve dynamic stateless pages that include media files such as .png plots generated with Matplotlib.

By a stateless page I mean an HTML page that includes inline image files the server doesn't need to keep beyond the current session. The page and included media should be discarded by the time the user leaves the site but it would be useful to provide an option for downloading the images. Nothing fancy, no accounts or logins.

I'm thinking of an interaction like this:

  1. the user visits a text page with a form
  2. the user fills the form to provide input parameters and submits it
  3. the server generates one or more images (Matplotlib plots) based on the input parameters and returns a page featuring descriptive text and the generated image(s)
GarethDwyer1 (185)

@PaoloAmoroso great to hear! Funnily enough the next post I'm preparing uses PIL to do something pretty similar to this -- generate a dynamic image in Flask and render it in HTML without needing to save the file to disk. Stay tuned - should be up this week or early next.

PaoloAmoroso (140)

@GarethDwyer1 thanks, sounds great. Most of the web app tutorials I've seen so far focus on rendering text-based pages.

GarethDwyer1 (185)

@PaoloAmoroso So took a bit longer than a week, but it's up now here. It's a pretty specific case, but you should be able to adapt the image part to what you need. Shout if you have questions.