What tutorials would you like to see here?
GarethDwyer1 (160)

Hey all,

Last year I wrote several tutorials and shared them here. These tutorials were on Discord Bots, building a Django Application, Web Scraping, and Algorithms.

I'm preparing some new topics to write about this year and I'd love to get your input on what kind of tutorials you'd like to see here.

Please comment below with either (or both!)

  • Topics you'd like to see more of, for example - Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, Information Security (hacking), specific languages and frameworks, or any other area that you're interested in and would like to read and work through tutorials on.
  • Specific titles and topics - if you're battling with something specific, feel free to drop an exact title you'd like to see, like "Setting up a Flask web app on Repl with a PostgreSQL database hosted on AWS"

If you already see the topic in the comments below, feel free to upvote it instead of duplicating.

Looking forward to publishing more posts soon!

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mattdoan (15)

I know this is an old post, but I'd just like to put my opinion out there -

How about a Colyseus tutorial? It's sort of confusing learning NodeJS with Colyseus when on the Colyseus website they use import whereas on NodeJS on repl.it you use require, etc. A tutorial on Colyseus would be nice :)