Learn Swift 1
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Hi! Today we will learn Swift.


Commands are simple. They look like this:
print(“Hello World!”)
As you can see, these commands don’t have a semicolon, unlike JavaScript and a few other languages.
Hello World!


It looks like this:
var name = 3
name = 3
Again, it doesn’t have a semicolon.
Variables can be changed, like this:
name += 1
name = 4
name -= 1
name = 2


These are written like this:
let name = 3
name = 3
You can not change these, so name will always be equal to 3.


Loops are written like this:

for i in 1...3{
   //This loop repeats 3 times.

This loop does nothing, but to make it do something, add code inside the curly brackets.

That’s it for today!

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