📦 📦 Every Python Module Ever!! 👍👍

Every module in python ever.

Hi guys, so in this tutorial, I'm going to tell you every module ever. Here's the list.

Main modules

  • #1 NumPy.
  • #2 Pendulum.
  • #3 Python Imaging Library.
  • #4 MoviePy.
  • #5 Requests.
  • #6 Tkinter.
  • #7 PyQt.
  • #8 Pandas.

Click Here For the Source

Other known modules

Other Bash command modules

  • funny

  • emoji

  • etc.

More Modules

  • Scrapy
  • Pyinstaller
  • Python CSV
  • PyAudio
  • Selenium

Sources: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45224536/module-load-command-in-linux-bash-script

There are four main types of modules - mod1, mod2, mod3, and mod4

Here's a source for them! - https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/modules.html

That will teach lots, and numerous modules. That's it for this tutorial. More will be coming soon.

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CodeLongAndPros (1537)

@Wumi4 Those are not bash commands, they work in the Z shell.
More properly, those are fun Linux programs that you can install.