This tutorial will teach you the basics of binary.

Think Decimal

Binary is kind of like decimal. In decimal, we start at 0 and count up, and when we reach 9, we go back to 1, but now add a 0 at the end. Keep doing it, until we get to the next ten, and then hundred, and so on.

Now, Convert It

Now we know how decimal works exactly, so now let’s convert that into binary. Here, we also start at 0, but instead of ending with 9, we end at 1. And now, we add a 0 at the end, to get 10(or 2 in decimal). Now, we will keep dong that, just like decimal.

If you have any questions or think I can add something, tell me in the comments.

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Giothecoder (127)

add that binary is base 2 and decimal is base 10, which are suggested by their prefixes
(bi == 2, dec == 10)
add in some examples of adding/subtracting binary vs adding/subtracting decimal.
add Hex.
If you can manage to explain it well, then add in how to multiply and divide binary.
Explain relevance.