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managing external files in python
xolyon (339)

Ok so its quite simple with python

to open a file you do this

file_example = open("[filename]", "operation")
here are the operations:

r - read contents of a file
w - write on contents of a file (more like append)
wb - write bits on contents of a file
rb - read bits on contents of a file

with the following I can do this:
disclaimer but opening a new file which doest exists will simply create one and I prefer using .txt files for this

file1 = open("meme.txt","r")
fileRead = file1.read()

we can also print each individual line like this:

file1 = open("gucci.txt", "r")
mwmw = file1.readlines() # in parameters is how many lines you wish to print , leave blank if you wanna read all
for x in mwmw:

to convert file data into something more your taste:

file1 = open("gucci.txt", "r")
mwmw = file1.read()
gucci = int(mwmw) #type you want
#there must be no spaces or anything like lines in your file if you want proper


unfortunately to delete the contents requires manual deletion (to select all do ctrl + a)

but here's a handy script if you really need it:

import os
print("File Removed!")

cant import os? or only wish to delete contents of a file?
no problem here is a handy script!

file = open("gucci.txt","r+")


you don't need to do this but to stop silly errors once you have finished with your file just use

fileName.close() to finish`
Thanks for sticking around! if this helped then give updoot

CodingCactus (3089)

@xolyon why have I been summoned?

xolyon (339)

@CodingCactus I invited another guy to project and he didn't know how to do this so i made this, i figured i might as well summon u just in case, btw i made storyline and everything on project u might wanna check it out

CodingCactus (3089)

@xolyon ok, I don't know how to use files either, so I'll give it a read after school