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question regarding the learing and using the examples
linoman_zz (5)

given the site here we have lots of examles of the Python OOP-tutorial of Corey Schafer.

well here the site


with the example
#Video 3 Variables
#Video 1 and 2
class Employee:
#Video 4 Inheritance

gathered examples from here.

Python OOP 1 - Classes and Instances - https://youtu.be/ZDa-Z5JzLYM

Python OOP 2 - Class Variables - https://youtu.be/BJ-VvGyQxho

Python OOP 3 - Classmethods and Staticmethods - https://youtu.be/rq8cL2XMM5M

Python OOP 4 - Inheritance - https://youtu.be/RSl87lqOXDE

Python OOP 5 - Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods - https://youtu.be/3ohzBxoFHAY

Python OOP 6 - Property Decorators - https://youtu.be/jCzT9XFZ5bw

question. Why are we not able to run the examples each by each - the