How to Make a Download Button!
PowerCoder (703)

This will be a simple and useful tutorial on how to add download buttons.

In your HTML file make an anchor tag:


Then, add the content you want to download in the href attribute:

<a href="test.png">Download</a>

Lastly, to add a name to the file that the user is going to download, add the name in the download attribute:

<a href="test.png" download="Test-file">Download</a>

Now, if you click on our download button, it should download the file.

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PowerCoder (703)

@techgeek680 Cool! In my style.css file, I added this piece of code:

body {
    background-color:rgb(99, 99, 99);

To add a different background to your website background, just change background-color to a different color.


body {