Speech to text (Python)
edgyneer (4)

This python scripts turns your microphone input into plain text.

Step 1:install SpeechRecognition library.
'pip install SpeechRecognition'

Step 2: install PyAudio library.
'pip install PyAudio'

You can install this libraries from Command Prompt or Terminal, if you already have Python installed.

WARNING: Use python 3.6, because Python 3.7 and above doesn't support PyAudio.
Also this script won't run perfectly on repl.it, because the website doesn't support certain libraries.

Also, i got some source for this, if you want to see them as well, hit me up in the comments.

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gatorade322 (104)

um . . . it doesn't work

edgyneer (4)

@gatorade322 Did you try on repl.it website, or your personal computer? If that so, what kind of an error did you get?