How to Read Documentation (for methods)
Jakman (463)

There comes a time in every programmers lifetime when those youtube videos and stackoverflow answers are just useless to help them in a problem. That is what I came to fix. # Quick note # (lua documentation is unreadable. Lua programmers are cool for being able to understand that stuff. Me and @xolyon tried to navigate it and were lost. Absolute garbage.)

How to read the docs

Now here is how to read the basic concepts. I have taken the time to find C# documentaton for the explanation of variables They are described like this "A variable is a symbol you can use to run the same code with different values." - A microsoft man.
The descripton of a string variable is shown just like this

string aFriend = "Bill";
Console.WriteLine(aFriend); ``` -- A microsoft man
This shows the variable and it in use. 
This is self explanitory. 
But what if there is a hard concept such as a method that is hard for you to understand or if you are trying to figure out a specific array that is special. For the latter just watch a youtube tutorial but otherwise you need to look at the arguments of the method. 
I have taken a C# method that stumped me 2 weeks ago.
The IndexOf method in fact. Its parameters where this. 
```(T item, int index);```. It is described to find the index of an item based on the item passed and the index system passed in interger form. I did not understand until i read the arguments. Then i saw that the item had the item was the item to be indexed by the next argument which manages what the index should count by. I made an array and did the index of like so

using System;
using System.Collection.Generic;
public exclass{
static void Main(string[] args){
List<string> myarray = new List<string>;
myarray.Add("Huey Freeman");
Console.Write(myarray.IndexOf("Huey Freeman",0))

I used the array method of ```IndexOf```` and utilized it by using the documentation to understand its uses. It is not in youtube I think. Thanks for reading my ted talk.
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