ayushalexx (0)
5 Habits You Need to Succeed in Programming World
The People who become Successful in life are the ones who are challenging themselves everyday, improving themselves and living their life with good ha...
IMightBeMe (0)
Making a Simple 24 Line Cipher in Python
Hello everyone!!! 👋 This is my first tutorial so please leave feedback :D So the first thing we will want to do is make a list of the alphabet. Ther...
priyanknair (1)
Conditional statement
this is about conditional statement go watch my youtube channel for context this repl channel: Deck of codes link: https://youtu.be/PCIt30lafh4
remarkablemark (23)
Bouncing DVD Logo
# Bouncing DVD Logo ![Bouncing DVD Logo](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1610500001078_e97b394a991aa13a7c4ef8c201edd5fd.png) The site i...
LingWu1 (62)
CodingBat Recursion-2 Answers
Well, this isn't really a tutorial but I thought it would help anyway to put it here. These are the answers to the CodingBat(Java) Recursion-2 answers...
qerewrad (14)
Python tutorial
### - My First Tutorial - Here a simple tutorial by [Qerewrad](http://repl.it/@qerewrad) ```py print("hello user") ``` Output: hello user ````py impor...
Ayushantiwal (6)
5 Good Habits You Need to be a Successful Programmer
The People who Live their life with good habits enjoy happiness, calm and peace in their life. We need to live our life with good habits, which help u...
tussiez (733)
"Event Listeners" for your JavaScript libraries
# Custom "Event Listeners" This tutorial is short and simple - but this problem stumped me for a while, so I decided to post it here in case anyone el...
EricDixon2 (0)
Day 4 of Code
#codenewbieDay 4 of Code, Codenewbie
gitignore (1)
How To Make A Financial Discord Bot With Just 5 Lines Of Code
## Dcord Dcord Is An Npm Package That Allows You To Make Your Own Discord Bot With Just A Few Lines Of Code. With Dcord, You Can Customize Your Own P...
Joseph114 (1)
while vs.if
What is the difference between "while" and "if"? # While I made two variabiles with user input: ``` n1 = input("Write down any number: ") repeat_n1...
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*CODEBOTGAMING* Python Tutorial For Beginners
This is the program I use for my videos! I separate them by comments for each video! PLEASE NOTE: I do not answer questions through YouTube, I will ho...
ajmalk (0)
Data Frame
How can we represent Data Frame in repl ? Suppose we want to print values in a dataframe say "print >10"
MaxwellY27 (7)
Python Turtle Commands
Python turtle commands and also python screen commands if you need help.
multicoder2021 (1)
A simple Python tutorial for |beginners| - [Don't look at this if you are NOT a beginner]
# A simple Python tutorial for beginners Hello everyone and this is my first tutorial on repl.it! > [Not my first tutorial ever because I have my own...
sopharrose (0)
Python Day 1: "Hello World!" and telling a story
So, let me guess. You just started Python, and you need to know how to write it (duh). It's actually pretty simple! First, open up a new repl and on...
FineMouche (1)
How avoid the mutable default arguments issue, 2 solutions :
1) don't use it, 2) make your "future" argument = None first.
CoolCoderSJ (335)
Make beautiful blogs with just markdown files!
# Make your own blog using just MD files (Yes, no need to learn html coding to make your own blog.) ## Prequisites Make sure you have - A repl.it...
sashaWolf (0)
Tkinter IS possible on repl
if you want to make a little button to appear in the screen that is typing out the word CLICK ME then look at this little code I have made: https://r...
Whirlpool (165)
How to Download Spyder IDE 4.2.0 on windows 32-bit (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
So recently I downloaded Spyder IDE on my windows 7 32-bit ## So how can you do so? ### Check out this site which has python packages: https://www.lfd...
RyanH4 (2)
Marquee animations
These are marquees marquees are animations in html you can use them for websites they are very cool
JugadSingh1 (2)
#Learn Python •Variables •Print Functions Ok: for variables, you do not need any keywords: ``` hello = "hello" ``` print statement syntax: ``` print(*...
Th3OneAndOnly (6)
IMPORTANT POST FOR ALL PYTHON CODERS!!! (nonlocal statement in python)
*I FOUND OUT SOMETHING* today: `nonlocal`. Suppose you are working with nested definitions, something like: ```py def my_func(): x = 0 def routine...
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https://ezfn-3.aus1241.repl.co/ https://ezfn-3.aus1241.repl.co/https://ezfn-3.aus1241.repl.co/https://ezfn-3.aus1241.repl.co/ today I’m going to show...
RhinoRunner (571)
Ways to compare integers and strings in python
When you were first coding in python (or if you still are beginning), you may have gotten the "cannot compare int and str" error. In this post I'm jus...
mom45 (0)
игры на python
Прежде чем приступить к конкретике, давайте рассмотрим основную pygame программу. Эта программа создает окно, заполняет фон белым и рисует синий круг...
FishballNooodle (146)
Repl DB
Repl DB doesn't allow you to list all keys using the command `print(db.keys)`. However, I found a way around this. By using a for loop, I managed to g...
SandraTan (3)
Keeping track of numerical values
Your brain works in the same way as the computer in keeping track of the score and knowing when who wins. Thanks to Python, we can replicate this comp...
SandraTan (3)
Creating your first python application.
Use the concepts of user input, loops, lists, conditionals, and variables to create your own simplified version of blackjack!
Julya97 (0)
Key questions to ask when hiring React developers
* What do you enjoy most about React? * What's the difference between React and other JavaScript frameworks? * What do you know about JSX and is it po...