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dotcomboom (104)
How to use a custom domain
In case you've worked with before, you may have noticed that you are given a decently long subdomain for your project, like the following: `my...
JonahElias (131)
How To Style Text With Any Color You Want In Python
# How to style text with any color in the RGB spectrum in python > Are you bored of normal, plain white text? Well, in this tutorial, > I am going...
UniqueOstrich18 (276)
My Methods to Bypass School Filters
## My Methods to Get Around School Filters These are all the methods that I know of to get around school filters on my school Chromebook. The methods...
How to get inspiration for code
So, you probably came here because you can’t think of what to code. Well, you came to the right place! Here I will show you some ways to get inspired....
NoNameByProgram (76)
Creating a Progress Bar
Heya there! HTML may seem very... well... how do I say this? I guess I could say it's easy, but JavaScript is a "whole new level" to some newbies. So,...
FishballNooodle (88)
How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 2
Ok, so assuming you've already read [Part 1]( of my Tutorial Series, le...
21natzil (1131)
🖥️ Bit Manipulation Tutorial! 🖥️
# Bit Manipulation Tutorial Bit manipulation is a great way to save values and compress data into it's smallest form possible. Not only does it have...
matthewproskils (346)
Language Tutorial Day 1 | Lexer
Hello, I know a lot of people are working on the template jam, and i also know it’s REALLY REALLY hard to understand. Basically, there are 3 parts: pa...
catchacoled (20)
Forms in websites that give you responses in three steps
For all my unexperienced programmers out there trying to make themselves a site you prob know that if you just put a form there it will not give you t...
CSharpIsGud (577)
Using python's curses module to reduce flickering in terminal games
Im not a huge fan of text adventures and the like. But you may have noticed that they suffer from terminal flicker if they include things like a minig...
NityeshAgarwal (33)
Advice for self-learners: How to teach yourself, find motivation and project ideas
Hey there brave self-learner! **First** of all, I would like to insist upon how brave you are. Teaching yourself <some X> can be difficult, draining...
FishballNooodle (88)
How to Make A Discord Bot - Part 4
Hey, everyone we are back with another Discord Bot Tutorial and judging from the number of upvotes I got for [Part 3](
TheGameCreator (5)
The Basics of Python 2.7 (Part 1)
Hey there! In this tutorial I will teach you the basics of Python 2.7. Python is a great starter language to learn as a first time coder, and Python i...
ChezCoder (1497)
How to create python packages and upload to pypi
# Packaging to PyPi in Python Hello repl community! Wan't to create a package like termcolor, or my [very very newly released package](https://pypi.or...
Jackolanternexe (67)
Python Beginner Tutorial
# Before we begin: I couldn't find any other basic Python tutorials so I decided to make one, but I apologize if there are any other tutorials that I...
matthewproskils (346)
How To Make An Upload Button
Simple Upload Button ``` <input type="file" id="input" accept="application/pdf" multiple> ``` Explanation: Input: take input, type: type is file, i...
jajoosam (744)
Make flappy bird with Python Play 🐦
# Make flappy bird with Python Play ![]( [Demo and C...
fuzzyastrocat (563)
How to make a package manager (for a custom language!) — Part 2: The Command-Line Tool
This is part 2 of a series on how to build a package manager. If you haven't gone through part 1, check it out [here](
Wumi4 (91)
How to make your first React app!
# What's up everyone! Today, I will show you how to make your first React app in few simple steps! This tutorial is designed for everyone, so feel fr...
CodeLongAndPros (1350)
C wars: Chapter 4: A new loop
# Chapter four: A new loop Today, I'll talk about one of the most important structures in programming: ### This series is taking a 24 hour break. Ye...
ericqweinstein (235)
Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
Hey everyone, I made a canyon runner game ( and wrote up a tutorial for it here: h...
JustAWalrus (1144)
George Boole: the father of computer science.
The year is 1815. A young boy named George has just been born in Lincoln, a town in the UK. The boy has a father, John was his name. John was a tra...
CodeLongAndPros (1350)
C wars: Chapter two: The data wars
# Chapter two: The Data wars ## Hello again, learners. This is your teacher, the Sourcerer. I trust that you have finshed your homework... If you f...
MrMazzone (8)
Configuring the RUN button (Java and Python Examples)
This tutorial will help you configure the RUN button in your project. Specifically, this example shows Python and Java files, but the informa...
MikeShi42 (117)
From Scratch: AI Balancing Act in 50 Lines of Python
![Cart Pole Balancing]( Hi everyone! Today I want to show how in 50 lines of Python, we ca...
eekboi (272)
How to make a discord bot in python!
Hello, today I will be teaching you how to make a discord bot in python. First thing you need to do is make a discord bot client (
CoolqB (142)
3D graphics, a beginners mind.
# Preface In this tutorial I would like to show how 3d graphics is done today, why it's important, and how it will change the way you see 3d graphics...
LucHutton (193)
Basic Platformer With Javascript and HTML
# BASIC PLATFORMER TUTORIAL **End Result:** **The Code:** #...
LeonDoesCode (380)
Weather API in Python
## Difference We just covered a tutorial on [Using Web APIs in Python](, where we got data f...
NodeJSAcc (23)
Kinda Interactive C++ BEGINNER TUTORIAL Pt1
C++ Beginner tutorial Pt1: Covers -- print statements -- starting of cpp file -- examples and activities Note: Sorry about this but for the second ac...