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Whacko (185)
PHP Form Handling Tutorial!
Using [PHP Web Server]( and [HTML](, we're gonna make ourselves a form and then get the...
EpicGamer8 (3)
How to make a imageboard
This can be a template I guess? # Make your own PHP Imageboard - USE PHP WEBSERVER So here is what you will need. - Something to host your site (Repl...
jupiterdv (1)
How to build a Covid 19 Live tracker India
An Open source **[Covid-19 Live tracker India](** which shows 360 analysis & live updates build with pure javascript....
xxpertHacker (387)
C++ Variadic Lambdas For Beginners
### Preread ### *Please inform StudentFires or a confirmed associate of StudentFires, if there is anything that is vague, incorrect, hard to read, ha...