InvisibleOne (2288)
The results of my survey
Results of the Survey ### First things first: Some people claimed that I was doing this just to get upvotes, and I’m not, I’m just genuinely interes...
LegendaryWolf (289)
How make a GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter in Tkinter for absolute beginners!
# In this tutorial, I will teach how to make an app that converts Celsius into Fahrenheit, so let's get started! I wrote it up in a few minutes so the...
cjmatthy09 (12)
How to Calculate Pi in Python
Hello, and welcome to this tutorial! We are going to be calculating Pi (3.1415...) using the Nilakantha series. The series is quite basic. First, you...
Masticater (1)
How do you add any module to python here
Kind of extremely new, just wanted to know, I'm trying to add a simple plot module I've seen on my classes of python just to keep myself familiarized...
boko123456789 (2)
Python for beginners
Hi. I am going to tell new people who don't know how to code. CODE(Python)! In the first step, you should try to make the robot say something. for exa...
Kronifer (14)
Making a Simple API with Flask and repl.it db
# Making a simple API with Flask and repl.it db Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing you all a way to make a simple api on repl it. first, let me walk...
FloCal35 (358)
Fake loading
# How to add fake loading to your python program ___ The easiest way is to print something over and over again (like 0's and 1's) but the best way (in...
nuvic (0)
Word vectors - Why they are fundamental for NLP and how to create them (part 1)
[repl.it file](https://repl.it/@nuvic/aispells#word_vectors.py) Who is this for: If you're a developer interested in NLP and don't know where to begi...
BartPowers1 (3)
Lesson 3: Lists and Loops
# Lesson 3: Lists and Loops A **list** is another way to store things, but it can hold a lot of things. Lets look at a few examples: - Lets say our pa...
BartPowers1 (3)
Lesson 2: Variables
# Lesson 2: Variables Now that we know how to make our program say things, let’s talk about **variables**. A **variable** is a way to store something....
BartPowers1 (3)
Lesson 1: Hello world tutorial
# Lesson 1: Hello World Lets start with getting a program to say “Hello World!” In Python, when we want the computer to “say” something we use the pr...
YeetsaJr (19)
🤖 Simple Webbot Tutorial! 🤖
# __Simple Webbot Tutorial!__ This is a Repl project that shows how webbot can be used to automate certain tasks on the internet. ## What Is Webbot? W...
ItamarCohen28 (6)
MLR - Multiple Linear Regression Tutorial - Python
# What's Linear Regression? Linear Regression describes the relationship between variables by fitting a line to the observed data. _____ # Why do we n...
IntellectualGuy (344)
✨✨Big Python Tutorial✨✨
# ✨✨Hello✨There✨✨ Welcome to My ~~Boring~~ Fun 🐍🐍Python🐍🐍 Tutorial where I will be teaching YOU python. This tutorial will cover the basics of pyt...
OldWizard209 (982)
📊 Handling Large Amounts of Data In Python 📊
## Introduction Data Scientist has become one of the most in-demand and [exciting](https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-sexiest-job-21st-century-kees-gr...
InvisibleOne (2288)
How to make a Python Maze Game in.. guess what? Python!
# Fun little Maze Game ## Step One - import some stuff ```py import os import random from colorama import Back, Style from getch import getch ``` ##...
Bookie0 (5657)
📝 How to Make a Todo List! [Tutorial + Template]
# Hi!!! Welcome to a tutorial/template on how to make a Todo List Organizer in Python! Originally for @Vandesm14's Jam (sorry for ping lol), I've...
GabinAn (0)
technologie 2nd
fois ** division % quotient / float chaine-> nb a virgule for k in range print k pour table if si else sinon sqrt racine carré
MikeJMS8910 (58)
How To Make A Global Log In System
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a **global login system**. What this means is that the player's data will save even if they end the code....
SilvermoonCat (374)
🐍 Python Text Styles 🐍
## Python Text Styles! Today we're going to learn: - italic, bold, underline - all the colors (I know) Alright! Let's begin: ```python print("Welcom...
frissyn (449)
Reflux Tutorial: Customize your IDE!
# Customize your IDE with Reflux Hey all, welcome to my **official** Reflux tutorial, where I explain how to use my tool to customize the look of you...
Mhmmadsahmi (0)
My Day2 of 100 Days of Code: tip-calculator-start
never give up you have to trust your self and believe that you can do it
BD103 (112)
🐍 Make Your Own Rest API (With Flask) 🐍
Hello! I know I've been pretty inactive in Repl Talk (I've been doing [Github](https://github.com/BD103) and PyPI Packages), but I decided to make thi...
JBloves27 (1519)
🐍🎞️🎬 Python Animation! 🐍🎞️🎬
###### HAHAHAAH, the emoji md works! >:) # Make your own animation - Tutorial! ##### 🐍 A step by step tutorial on making a *python* animation 🐍 > Ma...
theWorstCoder (2)
Python Basic Tutorial
Python Basic Tutorial Made by @theWorstCoder aka @idrgplayer and @sunitiagarwal
Discord Bot 24/7 Without UpTimeRobot
# Discord Bot ~~24/7~~ That's not Possible **( ゚д゚)つ** Bye. **Just Kidding**. Well with this Method you can make your Bot go Online ~~for as long as...
Bookie0 (5657)
Pythagorean Theorem! 📐
# Hey! How are ya'll doing? Hope everyone is chilling _EsPeCiAlLy WiTh tHiS sPeCiAl InAuGaRaTiOn AnD sPeCiAl LeAvInG oF tHiS sPeCiAl OrAnGe PeRsOn...
TayyabSheikh (0)
Username and Passwords in repl (username is wilsons and password is school)
This template should help you know how to create passwords and username. If you want to use this, the username is: wilsons and password is: school (It...
qerewrad (14)
Python Tutorial
this is python tutorial by: @Qerewrad 1- remember to write: ```py from termcolor import colored ``` > if this tutorial helps you upvote this post plz...
rafrafraf (1368)
My analysis and explanation of quick sort
# My explanation and analysis of quick sort ## Basics & introduction to quick sort Quick sort is an efficient sorting algorithm (and my personal favo...