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Pythagorean Theorem! 📐
# Hey! How are ya'll doing? Hope everyone is chilling _EsPeCiAlLy WiTh tHiS sPeCiAl InAuGaRaTiOn AnD sPeCiAl LeAvInG oF tHiS sPeCiAl OrAnGe PeRsOn...
Discord Bot 24/7
# Discord Bot ~~24/7~~ That's not Possible **( ゚д゚)つ** Bye. **Just Kidding**. Well with this Method you can make your Bot go Online ~~for as long as...
JBYT27 (1194)
A Python Tutorial, the Basics
# 🐍 A ~~very easy~~ Python Tutorial! 🐍 ### **#Tutorial Jam** ### @elipie's jam ~~*p i n g*~~ #### Here is a basic tutorial for Python, for beginner...
CyanCoding (1964)
How to Get a Repl.It Post to 1000 likes :P
Hey y'all! This isn't really a tutorial so I understand if this gets taken down. I just wanted to thank all y'all who upvoted my Brute Force Password...
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[1] Python Made EZ! 🐍
# Hîïíīįì everyone! Hope y'all are doing great! School is starting real soon, so I hope ~~you have been studying to get ready~~ you are enjoying the...
rafrafraf (610)
implementations of the fib function explained and analysed (memoization/recursion explained)
# Here are 3 implementations of the fibonacci function explained ## Iteration: the iterative solution is probably what comes to mind first. ```py #...
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Fibonacci! 🌀
# G'day People! Fourth week of school, done! About 40 more to go! Now I can relax in a weekend drowned in homeowork! (yay?) Anywaysssss... ***...
IreTheKID (372)
Proxy Servers for Noobs
## Intro After my recent post, [Discord Reverse Proxy](, there have been a lot of people, like @Baconman321 and @Dynam...
bottlesandcaps (53)
how to make a shop in python
# starting welcome to my tutorial today i am going to show you the following functions that are needed in making a shop: - print("") - input() - if -...
pyelias (1949)
Python Advanced Concepts Explanation
(just wrote this up in a few minutes, so there might be typos and stuff) (the reader is expected to have at least basic knowledge of python) (and prog...
OldWizard209 (286)
~~~Python Basics Detailed Tutorial~~~
# What we will be covering in this first course: * What is Python? + What are its uses - What is its demand? * Where can you code in Python? + Variab...
MatthewDoan3 (19)
Advent of Code 1 Walkthrough
## Intro Hey guys! This is Matthew. You might know me from my old account, MatthewDoan1, but sadly I can't log into it anymore because my sch...
Scoder12 (771)
Making your own programming language with Python
# Making your own programming language with Python ### Why make your own language? When you write your own programming language, you control the ent...
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The Monty Hall Problem! 🐐 🚘
# Hiya everyone! Lets start with a dad joke because why not!  ![Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.30.41 PM](
DaRubyMiner360 (5)
How to write a computer virus
Hello! I am going to explain how to write a computer virus. **NOTE: It is not against the law or a crime to make a computer virus. However, if that v...
CSharpIsGud (797)
How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
Im making this tutorial series because almost every language i've seen posted to repl talk doesn't use parsing algorithms and I think it would be nice...
Bookie0 (5027)
How To Get The Time! ⏰ [python]
## Heyyy everyone! xD here is a tutorial for adding the time of multiple cities in your programs, using `datetime` and `pytz`. I have included two...
robowolf (285)
How to make an 'api' in python.
When requesting information from different websites it's very useful to be provided with a python wrapper for their API. But some sites don't have the...
PYer (3577)
Learn To Code In Python
Teaches you how to code in python. By `PYer` This tutorial excpects some basic knowledge of coding in another language. ![image](
LizFoster (644)
The Riemann Sum!
Let's talk about the Riemann Sum!! Okay, so the Riemann Sum does the same thing that an integral does, as it is essentially measuring the area under...
NotTani (76)
How to do Passwords Right
Hello! If you've ever made a text-based RPG, chat application, or easter-egg filled number guessing game, you've probably collected a passwor...
Scoder12 (771)
**UPDATE: Now has [Native OPUS and Discord Music Bot]( support**...
AmazingMech2418 (992)
Cryptography 101
# Cryptography 101 **Note:** Many ciphers are labeled "Coming soon..." since the explanations will be long and would preferably be added in edits to...
Muffinlavania (1421)
Python 3: Saving data in an uneditable, unreadable file!
Introducing Pickle! This module allows you to store data in a .dat file. It saves it in binary so people cant snoop around in your files, but you can...
CoolJames1610 (657)
[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON
# Hey guys and welcome to this tutorial ###### ~~bruh why am i doing it like a youtube video XD~~ Before we start, thanks to all who have upvoted any...
ArtemLaptiev1 (112)
Building AI: Neural Networks for beginners 👾
Teaching Machine to recognize Hand-written Numbers! I am excited to share some of my experience studying machine learning with you, guys! I'm not an...
CSharpIsGud (797)
How To Make A Language: Parsing
The last tutorial didn't really give an in depth explanation as to what everything was doing aside from some comments, however for parsing I feel I sh...
Kronifer (10)
Making a Slowtype function in python
# Slowtyping in Python I'm sure you've seen projects that print out strings slowly instead of all at once. Today i'll show you how. Here is the code:...
EthanHorowitz (79)
How To Make a Tensor Class
Warning: This is very, very long, but I wanted to put everything together in one place. A couple weeks ago, I thought about numpy arrays and wondered...
YuAndy (72)
Build Your Own Maze Game in Python!
# Make Your Own Maze Game in Python Shell! Hi! This is a tutorial on how to make a maze game (and more!) in Python! Some functions are from my previou...