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ML Tutorials
You can find 18 ML tutorials (Tutorial 60 Machine Learning March 2018 - Tutorial 77 October 2020) or at a whole package at:
CoolJames1610 (618)
How to avoid concatenation errors in Python using F-Strings!
# How to avoid **concatenation errors** in Python using `F-Strings`! So when they teach you Python, the "name and age" example always crops up: ```p...
ThisUserTaken (123)
rAiNbOW TeXt
This is just a short tutorial on how to make a cool text! we will need to import `colored` from `termcolor` for colored text. We will also need to imp...
Bookie0 (3909)
Fibonacci! 🌀
# G'day People! Fourth week of school, done! About 40 more to go! Now I can relax in a weekend drowned in homeowork! (yay?) Anywaysssss... ***...
JosephSanthosh (1179)
Coloroma Tutorial [₱Ɏ₮ⱧØ₦]
**Coloroma is actually pretty cool! With coloroma you can print colored terminal text (words and backgrounds) on Python such as this:** ![image](https...
Alice688 (32)
Python Basics Tutorial Part 2!
# Python Basics ***If you haven't seen Session 1, please check it out. Here is the link:
justinder (1)
Python Web Scraping Tutorial For Beginners
#Python Web Scraping Tutorial For Beginners Hey Friends, hope you are doing well. In today’s article, I am going to share the python web scraping tut...
Epicmuffinepic (60)
Flask Tutorial How to Set it up!
# Flask - How to set it up When I wanted to make a website with python I know I wanted to use flask. But I didn't know how to set it up! This tutorial...
MarcusWeinberger (574)
How to create an SQL database in Flask (user management example)
## Final product * [**Server**]( * [**Client**](
PyCoder01 (41)
How to show an image in Python
In Python if you want to show an image you can use the matplotlib package in the following code. And if the python logo looks blurry it's the picture.
Python Text Adventure RPG Tutorial 2 |Add Character and Item Objects
Hey everyone, I've been motivated to work on a text adventure in pure Python lately. The first tutorial is linked here: https://mipython.magwebdesign...
amaddentcsec (184)
Crazy SQUARE CLICKER Tutorial [PythonTurtle]
# This is a tutorial made for my 121 cycle special.... Hello everyone! Today I am teaching you how to make a square clicker in turtle... I don't know...
CodeLongAndPros (1350)
Evaln't: How to replace `eval` in your code
# Why you should *never* use `eval` Some of you out there will know the dangers of the `eval` function, and some of you will not. `eval` is (in)famo...
johndo3 (16)
Hosting your repl based bot on Heroku to keep it running INDEFINETLY for free!
# Hi Guys! We have all seen @TheDrone7's tutorial on how to make a bot on (link to that [here](
ParthChawla (10)
Amazing Hacker prank in Python 3
So here is a prank below. This only works in original Python IDE. Please don't run it on as if you will try to run then the server might crash...
Bookie0 (3909)
Python Essentials Made EZ! 🐍
# Hîïíīįì everyone! Hope y'all are doing great! School is starting real soon, so I hope ~~you have been studying to get ready~~ you are enjoying the...
NZHacker808 (96)
This is a Python graphs tutorial
Here, you can learn how to code graphs out in python, graphs are fun to make!
generationXcode (262)
Variables in M.A.R.V.I.N
M.A.R.V.I.N is a programming language for people to play around with and have fun, but to do that you must first learn how to use it. M.A.R.V.I.N has...
jmort1021 (2)
Python Hello Series
Introduces Python. Additionally, this project serves the classroom as something tangible when establishing communication and project based learning p...
93virus (0)
Destructuring syntax
Tutorial for destructuring syntax in python
Alice688 (32)
Python Basics tutorial; Session 1
# Python Basics *** ***What is Python?*** Python is a general-purpose computer language. Created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991. And it par...
SudhamJayanthi (4)
Coaching for Python Beginners
Hello guys, I’m offering 1-on-1 python coaching to learn python. You can join it even if you are a complete beginner. You will be learning all the bas...
Miguel1429 (0)
#Miguel_G #learn#
''' Write a program to check that a user created password is a strong password. A strong password is a password that is hard to guess. A strong p...
LoganSpong (45)
EeveeScript Tutorial Part 1
# EeveeScript Beta 1.0 ___ EeveeScript is a programming language based off of Assembly, but easier. ## Key qualities * Jumping - Like functions, but l...
setsurjeet (13)
Learning Python with learner. #TUTORIAL 0
Hello friends, hope you guys are doing well, myself Surjeet Pradhan, I'm a student of 11th standard. As I previously discussed that I'll be starting t...
HarshVardhan19 (6)
Cogs in
## What are cogs? Do you ever get frustrated trying to find the code for a command in the file which already has more than 700 lines of code?...
aguy11 (119)
How to make a Programming Language in Python from Scratch: A Basic Language
## How to make a Programming Language in Python Hello everyone! In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a very basic computer language with a...
elmokhtar (0)
python learning
to define a tuple with one element x=("sadat",) you must use comma #python
DEMONul1234 (43)
Why you SHOULD use frozenset.
Frozenset can come in handy when it comes to dictionaries and other stuff
Bookie0 (3909)
The Monty Hall Problem! 🐐 🚘
# Hiya everyone! Lets start with a dad joke because why not!  ![Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.30.41 PM](