XThacker (43)
🐍Python-The Basics💻
# **🐍Python-The Basics💻** ## Table of Contents - Importing Modules - Comments - Printing - Variables - If statement structure - Functions ## Impor...
engsoftmoderna (0)
Cap. 6 - Padrões de Projeto (Engenharia de Software Moderna)
Código fonte dos exemplos usados no [Capítulo 6](https://engsoftmoderna.info/cap6.html) do livro [Engenharia de Software Moderna](https://engsoftmode...
Mhmmadsahmi (0)
My Day2 of 100 Days of Code: tip-calculator-start
never give up you have to trust your self and believe that you can do it
programmeruser (430)
PSA: Protect your apps against CSRF
# What is CSRF? CSRF is when attackers "forge" requests, that is, making fake requests that the user didn't actually make. This only works if the user...
shortyb (0)
How to make a discord.py bot
It should work with no problems just change my bots token to your bot token
XThacker (43)
🔑 GetKey Function Tutorial 🔑
# 🔑 GetKey Function Tutorial 🔑 #### ~~Hope you are enjoying school~~ ## Importing ```python from getch import getche as getkey ``` For the getkey p...
BD103 (95)
🐍 Make Your Own Rest API (With Flask) 🐍
Hello! I know I've been pretty inactive in Repl Talk (I've been doing [Github](https://github.com/BD103) and PyPI Packages), but I decided to make thi...
TheGameCreator (12)
new on repl.it?
well, no worries. i mean, if you know a coding language just click that plus button and your off to creating a program... but what if you don’t know...
RowanFromBJC (24)
Building a CLI
# Hi! Have you ever wanted to make a CLI (Command-line Interface)? Well I have, and if you're reading this, you probably want to too. So, let's begin!...
AndrewAung11 (9)
Basic F#
I searched in repl's Tutorials page for the F# but there weren't any Tutorial. So I present you the basic of F#. *** # What is F# ? F# is a functio...
tussiez (583)
Three.js Optimizations - Render On Demand
# Render on demand If you don't need to render to the screen in Three.js constantly, e.g a static scene that only needs to be updated on user input, i...
JBYT27 (1238)
🐍🎞️🎬 Python Animation! 🐍🎞️🎬
###### HAHAHAAH, the emoji md works! >:) # Make your own animation - Tutorial! ##### 🐍 A step by step tutorial on making a *python* animation 🐍 > Ma...
Waku (19)
x86 Assembly Tutorial Part 2 (again, its big i promise..)
# Assembly Tutorial Part 2 Ello. Let's just hurry into part 2 :-). # The stack Let me introduce a concept to you. There is a thing on your comput...
Waku (19)
x86 Assembly Tutorial Part 1 (it’s big I promise...)
Hey. x86 assembly time. And yes, I know @JustAWalrus made a tutorial on this already but as much as you may or may not be a fan of him I think we ca...
programmeruser (430)
BIOS, UEFI, and the boot process explained
(note: this only applies to x86 PCs) When your computer starts up, what does it do? Well, the processor first loads a special firmware called the BIOS...
theWorstCoder (2)
Python Basic Tutorial
Python Basic Tutorial Made by @theWorstCoder aka @idrgplayer and @sunitiagarwal
Discord Bot 24/7 Without UpTimeRobot
# Discord Bot ~~24/7~~ That's not Possible **( ゚д゚)つ** Bye. **Just Kidding**. Well with this Method you can make your Bot go Online ~~for as long as...
FlaminHotValdez (221)
Forgo the usage of while loops
While loops have grown to become a staple ingredient in our codes. We use it for a lot of purposes. ### Some Common Uses Of While Loops + Binary sea...
Bookie0 (5061)
Pythagorean Theorem! 📐
# Hey! How are ya'll doing? Hope everyone is chilling _EsPeCiAlLy WiTh tHiS sPeCiAl InAuGaRaTiOn AnD sPeCiAl LeAvInG oF tHiS sPeCiAl OrAnGe PeRsOn...
TayyabSheikh (0)
Username and Passwords in repl (username is wilsons and password is school)
This template should help you know how to create passwords and username. If you want to use this, the username is: wilsons and password is: school (It...
CoolCoderSJ (294)
How to solve Logout image problems
Inspired by [ @PDanielY 's original post ](https://repl.it/talk/learn/The-safety-of-replit-Is-replit-really-as-safe-as-people-think/115876) This is a...
arjunpraveen200 (0)
Python fundamentals
Python is an object oriented programming language which is popular for its easy-to-implement syntaxes.
RandomThings23 (2)
## About This is a collection of algorithms, formulas, or written in different programing languages: https://github.com/Zeyu-Li/algorithms ## ADT...
narasimharao5 (0)
100 days of python code
my name is narasimha i am from india i want to learn 100 days of python course
RowanFromBJC (24)
# Hi! This tutorial took awhile, i've been trying to figure this out for a long time. ## Installing Homebrew If you don't know, [Homebrew](h...
Wumi4 (459)
How to view your website in the terminal! 🎉
# Hi there! Have you ever face that you just start a server, but the web view of Repl doesn't show? Or you want to go to a website for any reason wit...
SomeBall45 (1)
Making Own Simple api
Hello beginners I want to teach you how to create a Simple API using Node.js and Express ## 1. install express ```sh npm install express ``` ## 2....
PDanielY (1265)
The safety of replit. Is replit really as safe as people think?
*Before I start this, I just wanted to say, this isn't mean to scare you into not using repl.it and I am just staying some security things they need...
lightningrock (143)
How To Make Custom HTML ELements!!!
# Custom HTML Elements Hello! In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make your own custom elements! There are two different kinds of custom HTML...
qerewrad (6)
Python Tutorial
this is python tutorial by: @Qerewrad 1- remember to write: ```py from termcolor import colored ``` > if this tutorial helps you upvote this post plz...