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jajoosam (550)
Make flappy bird with Python Play 🐦
Make flappy bird with Python Play Demo and Code 👨‍💻 Flappy bird is one of the classics - and as you'll see, super easy to create, especially when
adityakhanna (10)
Making a neural network with sci-kit learn
Neural Networks in sci-kit learn. This tutorial is meant as a follow up to my last neural network tutorial. Today we'll be making a neural network usi
freddiethefrog (6)
Bugfountain tutorial
Bugfountain tutorial bugs Tutorial that shows how to use the P5.js JavaScript library to create an animation that consists of a never ending stream
adityakhanna (10)
Introduction to cosine similarity
In this tutorial, I will try and take you through what cosine similarity is and how it works, as well as the code. The full code and how to use it:
ikokkari (2)
101 Python Problems for Beginners
For my university-level course on Python, I have prepared a set of 101 programming problems, from which my students can freely choose thirty problems
ikokkari (2)
101 Python Problems for Beginners
I have taught a university-level introductory programming course with Python for two semesters. For this course, I have prepared a set of 101 Python p
minx28 (144)
How to Make a Discord Bot That Isn't a Bot
Hello there! I just posted to the Share board, explaining my concept of a "discord bot that isn't a bot". Essentially, it's a website which exploits t
megatron0000 (15)
Solving the "APuzzleForYou" newsletter puzzle (that one with the 6-colored image)
Disclaimer Well, I wonder if this is really a tutorial... I haven't truly discovered the secret message -.- It seems this challenge cannot be solved a
joshhies (139)
🌐 Getting Started with HTML in 10 minutes. 🌐
This is a super easy guide to show you how to work with HTML and create your first pages in 10 minutes! Disclaimer: This tutorial will only cover the
TheDrone7 (547)
Using MongoDB with python (using PyMongo)
How to use a MongoDB database with your python repl! (PyMongo) Why though? One of the most common uses of is to create discord bots and the
MarcusWeinberger (48)
How basic SQL injection works - with a demo
In this tutorial, we are going to be targeting my 'vulnerable cloud storage' program ( The
optimistguy (21)
A Good API for the Online Music Hackaton!
Yeah so I have been searching for an API to find lyrics and stuff that to make an app the the Hackaton... and Yes! I have found a good api! https://d
optimistguy (21)
How to unable Dark Mode on the entire Internet!
Yeah, I have made a comeback to this community. Love to see you all are doing great and having fun! This is just a super simple tutorial for how to ge
21natzil (707)
Creating A Simple Python Socket Server
Implement Simple Networking Protocols In Python You want to have your application send information to a server, and back. You also want to keep your
eankeen (547)
JavaScript's Intersection Observers
JavaScript's Intersection Observers JavaScript's intersection observers are pretty cool. They let you test if some DOM element is intersecting anothe
Elizabeth11 (18)
C# Tutorial - Variables, If/Else, While Loop and More!
Hi and welcome to this C# tutorial! Hope this helps you out! Important notes: C# uses // for single line comments. Ex: `//computer doesn't read thi
eankeen (547)
🎮 Making 3D Babylon Scenes more Dynamic with Actions
🎮 Making 3D Babylon Scenes more Dynamic with Actions In the last tutorial, I showed you guys how to make a basic Babylon scene, with lights, cameras
eankeen (547)
Save Data Using
Save Data Using The website has been mentioned quite a bit recently. It provides a really easy way to store and retrieve da
RyanRana (161)
Get Real Good at Python in Under a Hour :D
Are you looking to become a python expert this summer? You have come to the right place! These links lead you to the Python Basics, Python OOP, and Py
eankeen (547)
Learn ReactJS on Replit! 📙
Learn ReactJS on Replit!📙 react-logo Some of you guys may have heard of ReactJS According to the official website: > [React is a] a JavaScript l
eankeen (547)
🎮 3D Games with BabylonJS: A Starter Guide
🎮 3D Games with BabylonJS: A Starter Guide Babylon is a JavaScript framework enabling developers to create 3D graphics with ease. Popular games such
ChetanVenkatesh (0)
Building a global app or API with a geo-distributed DB to serve requests closer to end users !
Getting Started With Global Apps & APIs This tutorial should take about 15 minutes to complete. Let’s create the backend for a simple Address Book
chocolatejade42 (14)
📂 How to create an SQLite3 database in Python 3 📂
📂 How to create an SQLite3 database in Python 3 📂 PLEASE NOTE: This article assumes that you are familiar with importing modules in Python and SQL s
malvoliothegood (107)
PHP Tutorial No. 6: File reading and Writing
PHP Tutorial No. 6: File reading and Writing Tutorialspoint: file reading and writing PHP reference: file system functions Resource: https://raw.g
adityakhanna (10)
Understanding neural networks
Introduction In this tutorial, I will go over the main workings of a Neural Network and code one from scratch for a particular purpose. Neural Network
malvoliothegood (107)
PHP Tutorial No. 5: Functions
PHP Tutorial No. 5: Functions PHP reference: functions Tutorialspoint: functions Functions are named, encapsulated blocks of code that ideally do one
malvoliothegood (107)
PHP Tutorial No. 4: Loops
PHP Tutorial No. 4: Loops Reference: Control Structures for loops Read the following: Reference: for loops Often it is necessary to repeat an actio
mitchc (2)
CSS Cheat Sheet
Handy CSS reference guide css3-mega-cheat-sheet
malvoliothegood (107)
PHP Tutorial No. 3: Decisions
#PHP Tutorial No. 3: Decisions Here is a link to the Control Structures section of the PHP language reference. It contains additional information abo
AriTelford1 (0)
Intro to Python
Introduction Python is an easy language to learn with super easy syntax. Here's a basic program print('Hello world') This program is pretty self expla