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ikadri (0)
python code while downloaded giving error
python code down loaded is not working
KayPey (3)
How to Create a Distribution Plot in Python with Seaborn (Histogram and KDE)
In this Python data visualization tutorial, I will quickly show you how to plot the distribituion of data. ## Requirements First of all, we are goin...
oboy12 (3)
My hangman game
This is my hang man game hope u enjoy 😉
gwynethwingell (22)
This will help us all in our math
pls let me know if i have to change anything or if i have to add something more.
pratikyadav (0)
hello anybody here ???????i want to make a friend who know python programming
Vishwa2055 (0)
How to make a scientific calculator in python?
How do I do it can any one explain
SamuelGames1 (0)
how do I bot in Kotlin
I tried to do it but I couldn't get someone to help me?
TheGameCreator (6)
How To Make An Infinite Game In Python 3
Hey there! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make an infinite game.You will need to know some things about Python before you get started, though....
Exeptions in C#
# Exceptions If you've coded in any language, you've probably encountered an error message. You know how it goes, your compiler exits and you just hav...
coderparth0203 (0)
use time stop guyz
use the code time.stop(seconds) btw check out my and my codemates newest code have fun too
Best Languages To Learn Today!!
# Some of the most popular languages can perform any tasks and are very useful. Here's a list of some: 1. Python - The top most popular language of...
starvineel (0)
importing turtle code in python
from turtle import* turtle= Turtle() screen= Screen() screen.bgcolor("yellow")
FeixuRuins (0)
PHP WS not starting
I constantly stop and start my project (to apply changes) and occasionally I come across an annoying quirk where it looks like it's running (the butto...
CodersXD (1)
Python Turtle Module Tutorial 2
##### 1st part link Welcome, this is part 2 of the turtle module - 1st part = - ## Wh...
dabombdgdzjr (49)
Make a console!! No config or js. Python!! really simple.
# Welcome one and all! Im going to show you how to make a console that can actually make files!!!! # setup So first you want to do: `` import os `` ``...
EpicGamer007 (620)
How to get dark theme || No extensions or JS injecting || School computer friendly
# How to get dark theme on microsoft edge without downloading any extensions ## Edit: It actually works on chrome as well, go down to end For mods:...
elipie (125)
How to Make Your Own Python Color Changer Like COLORAMA!!
# Once again, another tutorial! # How to make this: So, we can make text Colorfullll and pretttyyy `eprint("Hello My name Is Jeff", "red")` # Well s...
KayPey (3)
How to Prepare Data for Analysis in Python with Pandas
In this tutorial, I will walk you through some of the steps that you can use to [prepare your data for statistical analysis](
Method Overloading
I posted this a couple hours ago in Share and then took it down and moved it to Tutorials because I felt like it was more of a tutorial than anything....
Simple Depth First Search
Depth first search starts at the root node and goes as far as it can down the a given path until it reaches a leaf node, then it backtracks until it f...
CSharpIsGud (613)
How and why to use threading in C++
Have you heard of multithreading and just wish you could make your programs faster? Well... unfortunately just using threads is not enough, you have t...
CodersXD (1)
Python Turtle Module Tutorial 1
# Python Turtle Welcome to my first python module simple tutorial, this lesson I will teach you the basics of turtle visuals, like if you want to see...
JonahElias (146)
How To Use Directories In Python
# Directories In Python I will be covering: * What is a directory and how are they used * How to use them For this tutorial, you will need to...
GemCoder (0)
How to make a small temperature game
Hello my learners, This is my first tutorial so I don't know if this is helpful or not so comment your opinion.So in this tutorial we are going to see...
Whacko (229)
PHP | All You Need to Know!
# **ULTIMATE** ***PHP*** **TUTORIAL!** This is the *ultimate* tutorial on PHP! From echoes to passwords-it has everything! Let's get started *right aw...
sourcerose (12)
#### Hello, Replers! Have you ever wanted a **Blog** to present your Cool Projects? Lucky Day for you, I am showing just that in this Post!! First off...
SixBeeps (3083)
Tips for BGJG2 from last year's winner
# Tips for BJGJ2 ## From last year's winner It is the wonderful month of October, And spooky day's getting closer, Let's look at some tips And neat li...
Wumi4 (94)
Vim tutorial for beginner! (Part 2)
# Hello everyone! Last 3 days ago, I have just introduced you the Vim tutorial part 1. Now, because I'm free now, so today, I will show you the next...
MaxKleiner (0)
ML Tutorials
You can find 18 ML tutorials (Tutorial 60 Machine Learning March 2018 - Tutorial 77 October 2020) or at a whole package at:
nene20008 (2)
How to use Brainf***
BrainF is known for a difficult programming language. But if you know how to use BrainF, they will instantly become easy! Amazingly, BrainF uses only...