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ikokkari (9)
Course material for CCPS 109 Computer Science I, Ryerson University
This repl contains all my course material that I have developed for teaching *CCPS 109 Computer Science I* for Chang School of Continuing Education, R...
BenjaminOBrien (20)
Flask - Complete Tutorial
# Flask Tutorial --- Please note: this tutorial assumes you are somewhat decent at Python. ### Part 1: Setup In order to make a Flask application, we...
CSharpIsGud (404)
How To Make A Language: Parsing
The last tutorial didn't really give an in depth explanation as to what everything was doing aside from some comments, however for parsing I feel I sh...
DangHoang2 (7)
How to make an encyclopedia in Python
Hello everyone! Today, I'm going to show you how to make encyclopedia in Python using Wikipedia data! # 1.Prepare 1.Now, create a Python project on re...
CSharpIsGud (404)
Using python's curses module to reduce flickering in terminal games
Im not a huge fan of text adventures and the like. But you may have noticed that they suffer from terminal flicker if they include things like a minig...
CSharpIsGud (404)
How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
Im making this tutorial series because almost every language i've seen posted to repl talk doesn't use parsing algorithms and I think it would be nice...
CoolJames1610 (313)
[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON
# Hey guys and welcome to this tutorial ###### ~~bruh why am i doing it like a youtube video XD~~ Before we start, thanks to all who have upvoted any...
RaidTheWeb (23)
How to make a ULTRA-SECURE Vault on Repl.it ( No 0auth )
So... There is a kinda-maybe trend here on repl.it that @Zavexeon may or may not have started and judging by the title you already know what this tuto...
BobTheTomatoPie (722)
An In Depth Explanation of Lambda Functions (Advanced Concept Made easy!
### Enjoy this tutorial It's very engaging and asks for input!! ### This took me a long time to make cause I want you guys to really understand # Ho...
eekboi (104)
How to make a discord bot in python!
Hello, today I will be teaching you how to make a discord bot in python. First thing you need to do is make a discord bot client (https://discord.com/...
grace97464 (0)
how to code python
hope you enjoy this program!!!
HunterMarino (0)
Square Calculator
A calculator that can calculate your squares as long as you look at the code
Scoder12 (445)
The wait is over! You can now make music bots with discord! I have compiled `libopus.so` for repl.it which you can now use to make music bots. To ma...
Rikot (5)
colored text in python
See the code below to learn how to create colored text in python
edgyneer087x (1)
Speech to text (Python)
This python scripts turns your microphone input into plain text. Step 1:install SpeechRecognition library. 'pip install SpeechRecognition' Step 2: i...
lolOOF (4)
Object-oriented programming in Python
While creating a tutorial for myself, I thought I could share this to everyone who wants to understand class and stuff like that in Python. I also rar...
ChezCoder (1275)
How to create python packages and upload to pypi
# Packaging to PyPi in Python Hello repl community! Wan't to create a package like termcolor, or my [very very newly released package](https://pypi.or...
PavanBaddi (1)
Python DateTime module with programs
Python provides a DateTime module which we'll be using to work with date and time-related cases and also go through the simple program and learn their...
Hongy7 (0)
The Snake Ladder Battle
This will help you program snakes and ladders copy this all then you can show your friends!!!
PavanBaddi (1)
Understanding variables in Python
Python is a dynamically typed programming language which means there is no need to declare the data type of variable. #### Example ```python x=12...
HerculukeZeEpic (166)
Tutorial on slow typing at random speed!
Thank you @mrstack for helping me with this code!
IreTheKID (267)
Python For Dummies: '==' vs. 'is'
# Python Comparison & Identity Operators I'm sure that in your coding experiences with Python, ~~whether it be 3 or 2.7,~~ you've wondered to yourself...
christopher00 (121)
Python Bacics
In this repl, I will show you bacics for python. Please don't mind the spelling for I am not a very good speller. I will show you a function per week...
xolyon (332)
2D console games tutorial!
* really bad title, I know * Are you tired of making those text and decision-based RPG games? but feel like your game in PyGame just wouldn't suit? W...
yeetuscleetus (34)
How to create a prompt(w/out Tkinter) in Python
You've probably wondered how to create prompts without using `input` functions all the time. And what if Tkinter doesn't seem to work? Well, fear no...
xolyon (332)
managing external files in python
Ok so its quite simple with python to open a file you do this `file_example = open("[filename]", "operation")` here are the operations: ``` r - read...
xolyon (332)
Styling text in Python
Disclaimer: Python 3 only and console only ## Using Colorama ## one of the simplest ways I've found of colouring and styling my text in python is by...
Jakman (165)
If you want an easy way of putting ASCII art in your programs without going through the stress of putting this art in a string and escaping all the ba...
luffy223 (6)
basics of python (1) : primative data types
this repl is not for you it is only formy to never forget the basics HAHAHAHAH
Jakman (165)
sys.argv functionality
So in python3 you may want to contact a python file from the inside of that python file. The way you do this is with 'sys.argv' Lets say that you go t...