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eankeen (827)
A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features
A Comprehensive Guide to Replit's New Git and GitHub Features recently, Replit has added integrations for Git and GitHub. now, you can interact with...
JacksonCowie (24)
Creating A Simple Flask Proxy It's quick, simple and relatively easy I recently shared my flask proxy that I made on replit, it didn't get a lot of u...
HarshGupta6 (0)
Turn-Based Combat Intro
Intro Hello everyone! Today, we are going to be learning about turn based combat systems. What are the players? First off, what is our hero and villai...
narayanapilli (0)
What is Python Programming
Python programming language is Interpreted and high-level programming language. This was designed by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1989. The first vers...
AlexanderTarn (40)
Lesson 1: Print Function & Numerical Operators
Hello! In this lesson we will be starting Python with a few easy functions. We will be learning how to use the Print function along with numerical op...
DakotaRoss2 (16)
Learn Pyhton
Learn Python! Below you will see a tutorial on how to learn Python! If you have any questions, or want to work together on something, please comment b...
M4cs (7)
The Python requests Module - Part 1
The Python requests module is one of the most useful and used nonstd Python packages available. You are able to communicate with any server over HTTP/...
17prabkann (1)
Learning about using time.sleep() to make your program wait
Use 'import time' to import time function. Then when u need to use it use the line 'time.sleep()' to make the program to wait for specific amount of t...
ikokkari (5)
101 Python Problems for Beginners
For my university-level course on Python, I have prepared a set of 101 programming problems, from which my students can freely choose thirty problems...
ikokkari (5)
101 Python Problems for Beginners
I have taught a university-level introductory programming course with Python for two semesters. For this course, I have prepared a set of 101 Python p...
MarcusWeinberger (72)
How basic SQL injection works - with a demo
In this tutorial, we are going to be targeting my 'vulnerable cloud storage' program (https://vulnerable-cloudstorage--marcusweinberger.repl.co). The...
Scoder12 (349)
How to Make a Python Email Bot
How to Make a Python Email Bot In this tutorial we will be learning how to make a python program that can read emails and respond based on the content...
ArtemLaptiev1 (90)
Building AI: Neural Networks for beginners 👾
Teaching Machine to recognize Hand-written Numbers! I am excited to share some of my experience studying machine learning with you, guys! I'm not an...
sharpvik (38)
Noughts & Crosses Game in 69 lines of Python code
It seems like many people enjoy tutorials about making games. Well, let me make one too! Today we are going to be implementing the legendary "Noughts...
Aloeb83 (42)
Making a Loot Box Calculator using Python (Rocket League)
If you currently play any number of well-known video games today, you are likely familiar with the idea of loot boxes. For those who may be unaware, a...
sharpvik (38)
Infinite Sine Wave in Python (really simple)
In my university they made engineers write a program in C (programming language) that prints out the sine wave. Many of my friends do engineering and...
pyelias (929)
Python Advanced Concepts Explanation (for beginners)
(just wrote this up in a few minutes, so there might be typos and stuff) (the reader is expected to have at least basic knowledge of python) (and prog...