YellowBanana (2)
Hosting Red Discord bot on repl.it!
# Hosting Red discord bot on repl.it! ### Some of you might be having a discord community! And when it comes to communities, it comes to discord bots...
ayushalexx (0)
5 Habits You Need to Succeed in Programming World
The People who become Successful in life are the ones who are challenging themselves everyday, improving themselves and living their life with good ha...
TechyCraw (1)
Python Project for Beginners
Python is one of the easiest programming languages and it carries the highest significance to boost your potential in the real world. Learn by startin...
DaRubyMiner360 (3)
How to change the file extension for every file in the current directory
Have you ever needed to change the file extension for every file in the current directory but didn't want to have to manually do it for every file? We...
BrainW4ve (4)
My methods for bypassing those pesky blocked websites (proxys!)
There are many ways to get around blocked websites, but one of the best is a proxy. There are many current proxies that work and are not blocked in sc...
CoolCoderSJ (252)
## Make your own URL Shortener in 30 minutes or less ### What will this URL shortener be able to do? - Custom backends - Auto generated backends - E...
IMightBeMe (0)
Making a Simple 24 Line Cipher in Python
Hello everyone!!! 👋 This is my first tutorial so please leave feedback :D So the first thing we will want to do is make a list of the alphabet. Ther...
rafrafraf (568)
implementations of the fib function explained and analysed (memoization/recursion explained)
# Here are 3 implementations of the fibonacci function explained ## Iteration: the iterative solution is probably what comes to mind first. ```py #...
priyanknair (1)
Conditional statement
this is about conditional statement go watch my youtube channel for context this repl channel: Deck of codes link: https://youtu.be/PCIt30lafh4
remarkablemark (18)
Bouncing DVD Logo
# Bouncing DVD Logo ![Bouncing DVD Logo](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1610500001078_e97b394a991aa13a7c4ef8c201edd5fd.png) The site i...
SixBeeps (3484)
How to make slowprint better (+ranting)
Slowprint. Rolling text. Hackerman animation. Whatever you want to call it. It's a popular little detail to add into your game to make it look cooler...
tussiez (510)
SortaCanvas User Guide, revision 2.1
This is a draft of my JavaScript library, SortaCanvas. This is a JS canvas library that is similar to p5.js, but with less of the drawbacks. User gui...
DaRubyMiner360 (3)
How to write a computer virus
Hello! I am going to explain how to write a computer virus. **NOTE: It is not against the law or a crime to make a computer virus. However, if that v...
LingWu1 (40)
CodingBat Recursion-2 Answers
Well, this isn't really a tutorial but I thought it would help anyway to put it here. These are the answers to the CodingBat(Java) Recursion-2 answers...
JaydenSavarinat (6)
C++ Fstream File Handling ( Tutorial )
```cpp #include <iostream> #include <fstream> // Inlcude fstream library to handle files #include <cstring> /***************************************...
qerewrad (1)
Python tutorial
### - My First Tutorial - Here a simple tutorial by [Qerewrad](http://repl.it/@qerewrad) ```py print("hello user") ``` Output: hello user ````py impor...
dehteam3 (0)
Discord.js Discord Bot
This is a discord.js basic bot commands this is **Help** , **Say** , **Ping** commands and I used the Advanced Command Handler for this Tutorial
Ayushantiwal (2)
5 Good Habits You Need to be a Successful Programmer
The People who Live their life with good habits enjoy happiness, calm and peace in their life. We need to live our life with good habits, which help u...
FatherLiberty (0)
How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!!
# How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!! Programming snake in HTML isn't as hard as it may sound. It's actually pretty easy. First, we'll need our...
tussiez (510)
"Event Listeners" for your JavaScript libraries
# Custom "Event Listeners" This tutorial is short and simple - but this problem stumped me for a while, so I decided to post it here in case anyone el...
TheLoony12 (1)
How to make a simple discord bot!
## Get started - go to index.js - Then scroll and put your bot token - In `client.login('BOTTOKEN');` - The hit run
thatpyguy (0)
Make the Easiest HTML Game
#### Clicker Game ## Hello! This is a beginner's tutorial on how to make a clicker game. I am @thatpyguy and will release more tutorials in the future...
MatthewGregoryG (1)
look at this cool build
from random import choice from turtle import * from freegames import floor, vector state = {'score': 0} path = Turtle(visible=False) writer = Turtle(...
forer (10)
An alternative to Uptime Robot
## An alternative to Uptime Robot So a few days ago I found a project called [Upptime](https://upptime.js.org/), basically it is a uptime monitor and...
tussiez (510)
Three.js: Pointer Lock Controls (first person)
# How to use `PointerLockControls` This tutorial will cover how to use the `PointerLockControls` module for `three.js`. Tutorial difficulty: Fairly...
steffkirby (0)
cool chat
![Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 10.41.52 AM](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1609951360854_fc64d23ca72edd04b6e887fe1914fe2e.png)
programmeruser (365)
How to use SSH
SSH stands for "Secure Shell", and it basically allows you to connect to your computer remotely. Here's a screenshot of `ssh`ing into Ubuntu from a Wi...
Acronymical (12)
How to create custom domains using FreeDNS
# What is FreeDNS? [FreeDNS] (https://freedns.afraid.org) is a service created by Joshua Anderson, where people share their domains that you can use...
EricDixon2 (0)
Day 4 of Code
#codenewbieDay 4 of Code, Codenewbie
HilalMR (0)
Basic HTML and CSS For Beginners
Learn the basics of HTML and CSS I have made this tutorial For Beginners who get trouble coding Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeVefmXaykE&...