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Coder100 (6587) DB
[Example test run for db]( [Working Form](
xxpertHacker (382)
Using Memoization to Speed Up Code
# What is memoization? *** Yeah, that's right, ***memo***, not ***memor***. I asked my self this when I first saw it. Simply put, memoization can be d...
Coder100 (6587)
How to Repl Auth Express.js
# **How to use the Authentication API with express.js** # TOC - [TL;DR](;dr) - [...
Coder100 (6587) Authentication V2
# ** Authentication V2** So, my first tutorial [v1]( was pretty successful! I guess...
Scoder12 (712)
Making your own programming language with NodeJS
# Making your own programming language with NodeJS ## What is Ohm? Ohm is a javascript library for creating parsers. It uses its own grammar in an `...
ZDev1 (487)
How To Clean The Sentence Of Bad Words | Node.js
# Hey guys! This is a tutorial about **HOW TO CLEAN THE SENTENCE OF BAD WORDS** So you should install `npm i bad-words` and then: ```js const Filter...
RossJames (298)
Send emails with NodeJs w/ Nodemailer
# NodeMailer Well, well, well, It's Christmas, and boy, do I have a gift for you! ### But first, a quick intro: I joined not to long ago t...
almostStatic (89)
Wait for messages - NodeJS Discord Bot Development
Hey there! Today I will be teaching you how to 'wait for messages' in **discord.js**. Also known as `awaitMessages`. This tutorial is written in Nodej...
bearbearmo (186)
How To Make A 1 Player Nims Game - Node.js
# Nims Tutorial In Node.js --- ## What You Will Need In this tutorial I will explain every component used, however, I will **not** explain **syntax...
AtticusKuhn (232)
Discord Oauth2 Tutorial
### Discord Oauth2 in ## contents Overview Reasoning Setting up a basic repl. Get Credentials Set up the Front End Setting up the Back End Al...
eankeen (1277)
🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Express)💠
# 🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Express)💠 Webpack is an integral part of modern JavaScript tooling. It bundles all your JavaScript modules...
eankeen (1277)
Save Data Using
# Save Data Using The []( website has been mentioned quite a bit recently. It provides a really eas...
eankeen (1277)
🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Webpack Dev Server)💎
# 🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Webpack Dev Server)💎 Webpack is an integral part of modern JavaScript tooling. It bundles all your JavaScr...
Kudos (25)
Postgresql on part #1 !
# Hello, welcome to my tutorial on Postgresql ## It will guide you through all of the setup and half of the actual code. ## At the end of this you wil...
CarlosRosiles (177)
A small lesson on cyber safety!
# A lesson on cyber safety! Welcome to this lesson on cyber safety. This lesson is about logging in with google to websites! Using @Coder100 's tutor...
CodingAndMemes (29)
Web Server Using Node.js
### Hello! This is my first tutorial, so if you find any mistakes or anything you want me to fix please say so in the comments! *** # How To Make A We...
Kudos (25)
Postgresql on part #2 !
# OK here goes part 2 So we ended on our last part of the tutorial ( in the middle of mak...
generationXcode (256)
lets make a bot :) (python) series part 2 TIC-TAC-TOE
# 😎💻 bots r cool # intro Hi and welcome to this tutorial. We are all disturbed kids and adults here who are very lonely and have nothing but coding...
CodeSalvageON (559)
DDOS Protection and Packet Limiting with express-rate-limit
Learn to use express-rate-limit to protect against DOS and DDOS attacks using packet limiting and rate-limiting.
GarethDwyer1 (186)
Building a CRM app with NodeJS and MongoDB
Hi All, Been a while, but I published another tutorial on building a starter application. This time we show how to use NodeJS and ExpressJS to build...
Indigos1st (1)
Creating a Discord bot in
# Creating a Discord bot in In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create a Discord bot in, i'm going to assume you have cr...
ironblockhd (334)
How to create your own NPM package
This post will teach you how you can make your own NPM packages in 4 simple steps that later can be required by anyone. # Let's get started! First if...
FindingNemo (0)
I need help.
I need help with getting tutorials and other stuff. Plz... Help!!!
ironblockhd (334)
How to reduce your node repls size by 99% with one line of code!
**do not use this in combination of the [hidden files tutorial](** ![IMG_2904](https...
josysalt (1)
How to keep your discordant bot alive in (2020)
This is simple and works (at least for now). First thing, we have some code to put on your `index.js` file or your file that has the token and some c...
ShivrajNag (13)
Advanced JS Concepts, Problems, Questions
Learn advance concepts of Javascript to know the language better from the inside with programming examples. ![js](
PavanBaddi (1)
Javascript Numbers
This post will cover topics related to assignment, condition and type checking of Numbers. Assigning integer and float value to a number. -----------...
sojs (246)
Basic NodeJS Tutorial
There are no Node tutorials, so I set upon the task of making one. # Part 1 ## Logging to the console. To log something to the console, you use the f...