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Coder100 (3051)
Repl.it DB
[Example test run for repl.it db](https://repl.it/@Coder100/OK-I-WILL-NOW-TEST-MY-DATABASE-AGAIN) [Working Form](https://repl.it/@Coder100/replit-db-e...
StudentFires (327)
Using Memoization to Speed Up Code
# What is memoization? *** Yeah, that's right, ***memo***, not ***memor***. I asked my self this when I first saw it. Simply put, memoization can be d...
Coder100 (3051)
How to Repl Auth Express.js
# **How to use the Repl.it Authentication API with express.js** # TOC - [TL;DR](https://repl.it/talk/learn/How-to-Repl-Auth-Expressjs/23558#tl;dr) - [...
Coder100 (3051)
Repl.it Authentication V2
# **Repl.it Authentication V2** So, my first tutorial [v1](https://repl.it/talk/learn/How-to-Repl-Auth-Expressjs/23558) was pretty successful! I guess...
RossJames (271)
Send emails with NodeJs w/ Nodemailer
# NodeMailer Well, well, well, It's Christmas, and boy, do I have a gift for you! ### But first, a quick intro: I joined repl.it not to long ago t...
bearbearmo (186)
How To Make A 1 Player Nims Game - Node.js
# Nims Tutorial In Node.js --- ## What You Will Need In this tutorial I will explain every component used, however, I will **not** explain **syntax...
AtticusKuhn (236)
Discord Oauth2 Tutorial
### Discord Oauth2 in repl.it ## contents Overview Reasoning Setting up a basic repl. Get Credentials Set up the Front End Setting up the Back End Al...
eankeen (1207)
🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Express)💠
# 🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Express)💠 Webpack is an integral part of modern JavaScript tooling. It bundles all your JavaScript modules...
almostStatic (60)
Wait for messages - NodeJS Discord Bot Development
Hey there! Today I will be teaching you how to 'wait for messages' in **discord.js**. Also known as `awaitMessages`. This tutorial is written in Nodej...
eankeen (1207)
🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Webpack Dev Server)💎
# 🚀 Using Webpack To Bootstrap A JS App (Webpack Dev Server)💎 Webpack is an integral part of modern JavaScript tooling. It bundles all your JavaScr...
eankeen (1207)
Save Data Using JsonStore.io
# Save Data Using JsonStore.io The [jsonstore.io](https://www.jsonstore.io) website has been mentioned quite a bit recently. It provides a really eas...
generationXcode (136)
lets make a bot :) (python) series part 2 TIC-TAC-TOE
# 😎💻 bots r cool # intro Hi and welcome to this tutorial. We are all disturbed kids and adults here who are very lonely and have nothing but coding...
CodingAndMemes (28)
Web Server Using Node.js
### Hello! This is my first tutorial, so if you find any mistakes or anything you want me to fix please say so in the comments! *** # How To Make A We...
CodeSalvageON (511)
DDOS Protection and Packet Limiting with express-rate-limit
Learn to use express-rate-limit to protect against DOS and DDOS attacks using packet limiting and rate-limiting.
ShivrajNag (13)
Advanced JS Concepts, Problems, Questions
Learn advance concepts of Javascript to know the language better from the inside with programming examples. ![js](https://storage.googleapis.com/repli...
PavanBaddi (1)
Javascript Numbers
This post will cover topics related to assignment, condition and type checking of Numbers. Assigning integer and float value to a number. -----------...
sojs (198)
Basic NodeJS Tutorial
There are no Node tutorials, so I set upon the task of making one. # Part 1 ## Logging to the console. To log something to the console, you use the f...
GarethDwyer1 (160)
Building a CRM app with NodeJS and MongoDB
Hi All, Been a while, but I published another tutorial on building a starter application. This time we show how to use NodeJS and ExpressJS to build...