yugchaplot (6)
it is a painting app which run on mobile also
hi so starting of this painting app ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1614770829607_30cfb8789848c6725fcf953c43f2b8b1.png) start w...
LeviathanCoding (32)
Did your domains stop working? Here's how to fix them.
Repl.it has changed their domain to replit.com instead of repl.it (explorer mode only) 😞. Once they did that, everyone's linked domain names should...
SneakyCatYT (0)
How to do your bot 24/7
From, past 7 days I have been seeing some people are searching for "how to get your discord bot 24/7" and a lot of them don't work or some of you don'...
codingjlu (28)
Big Java Tutorial - Part 1
# Java Tutorial Part 1 Since everyone is making Python tutorials, and Python isn't all that great cuz statements don't end with semicolons (usually),...
valuthringer (0)
How can we create a database MySQL
Hello, How can we create a DB on My SQL or SQLITE ? Thanks
Chocolate16 (18)
I’ll tell you how to change you repl.it username 😳. First click here: https://repl.it/~/cli then, click “account” button. Click change-account and ty...
codingjlu (28)
CSS Animation Tutorial
Take 10 minutes and read this tutorial. Then you will know how to animate with CSS!! And best of all, you barely need need any CSS, HTML, or javascrip...
isaiah08 (61)
How to create a python package on repl.it!
# Introduction In this tutorial, I'm gonna show you how to create a python package and publish it to [pypi](https://pypi.org/). Many people say this i...
CodeLongAndPros (1579)
Finding files in Replit, Linux, and UNIX
# Finding files in repl.it with GNU findutils Sometimes you want a little more than a "search box". Say someone dumps a tarball into your repl and ad...
CoolCoderSJ (360)
Link Domains with Replit
## How to link a domain with Replit Yes, there is already a tutorial...but that tutorial isn't very clear, it doesn't show cloudflare thingies, but mo...
InvisibleOne (2288)
The results of my survey
Results of the Survey ### First things first: Some people claimed that I was doing this just to get upvotes, and I’m not, I’m just genuinely interes...
AndrewAung11 (14)
Customizing Scroll Bar with CSS
This is a tutorial about customizing scroll bar with CSS. I learnt it from [Portfolio Site Template](https://repl.it/@templates/Portfolio-Site-Templat...
LegendaryWolf (289)
How make a GUI Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter in Tkinter for absolute beginners!
# In this tutorial, I will teach how to make an app that converts Celsius into Fahrenheit, so let's get started! I wrote it up in a few minutes so the...
SharpCodeDev (72)
How to Create a Counter in React.js
# How to Create a Counter in React.js Hello! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a "counter" application in React.js with the [useState hoo...
CoolCoderSJ (360)
Make Cross Platform Desktop Apps with Flask
## CREATE YOUR FIRST CROSS PLATFORM DESKTOP APP IN UNDER 15 MINUTES [PYTHON OR HTML] > How pog In today's times, most websites have a standalone app...
EliasAraniva (1)
Monty Hall Game (css basic)
# Monty Hall Game show 2! ## Index.html: ```<html> <body> <h1>Monty Hall Game Show!</h1> <h2> <a href="door-1.html">Door 1</a> <a href="door-2.ht...
GatewayDuckYT (30)
Js Read Files NO NODE.JS
With My Custom Script You Can Do Alot With Just Js Today I will show you how to read any file with js and store it in a varble # ALSO Comment what els...
Muhammadzakirha (1)
Py package
Also you can create simple package with python Example: ```py import time time.sleep(10) ``` Is python package original you can type from time impo...
VictorVillavice (11)
Julia 1.3 Solving Linear Equations using Reduced Row Echelon Form
Greetings; the Reduced Row Echelon Form (rref) is a strategy to solve linear equations such as chemical reactions, traffic flow and electric circuits....
doineednumbers (21)
The Little Rustacean, Pt 1. Some Old Friends
Hello, do you want to learn Rust? Do you like the style of The Little Schemer? Well, read this series of posts, and you might learn a thing or two. Q:...
BananaJellyfish (144)
How to make a Text Adventure (python)
# Text Adventure Hello! This is a text adventure tutorial. i am new to markdown so it may not look great. ### How to Make a Text adventure: #### Defin...
EliasAraniva (1)
Monty Hall Game (html basic)
# Monty Hall Game _Sorry for my english but using google translate is torture_ first we make sure to put the element of ``` <html> ``` now we give...
VictorVillavice (11)
Benchmarking in Julia 1.3
Benchmarking keywords are shown below in the images. One should use the BenchmarkTools package. If you run the code and you receive an error.. your co...
yugchaplot (6)
it is a painting app which run on mobile also
it is made on HTML and it is easy . you gust need to add grids and paints you can search my account yugchaplot for more codes
cjmatthy09 (12)
How to Calculate Pi in Python
Hello, and welcome to this tutorial! We are going to be calculating Pi (3.1415...) using the Nilakantha series. The series is quite basic. First, you...
MukeshChouhan (1)
Hacker Rank - Price Check in Javascript
``` function checkPrice(products, productsPrices, productsSold, soldPrice){ let hash = {}; let count = 0; // iterate over products and ma...
MrMazzone (12)
Easy Drawings with Python! -- Easy Draw Module
Hello teachers and learners! Want to create drawings, animations, and basic games with Python? Check out my Easy Draw module which allows beginners...
DemonicSage (1)
3D Rendering Tutorial
In this tutorial we make a 3D viewport and add a cube to it. I've attached documentation links for pretty much everything so modifying this repl shoul...
yugchaplot (6)
make a link to open in next tab for beginners
this opens the link in next tab and it is my update version . want to see my more basic HTML. program search my name as yugchaplot for some HTML .m...
Ezeeeee (0)
🇺🇸 = In this project you will find an Anti-Links command for Node.js, I hope you like it 🇪🇸 = En este proyecto se encontrara un comando de Anti-L...