remarkablemark (18)
Bouncing DVD Logo
# Bouncing DVD Logo ![Bouncing DVD Logo]( The site i...
FatherLiberty (0)
How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!!
# How to program Snake in HTML5 easily!!! Programming snake in HTML isn't as hard as it may sound. It's actually pretty easy. First, we'll need our...
thatpyguy (0)
Make the Easiest HTML Game
#### Clicker Game ## Hello! This is a beginner's tutorial on how to make a clicker game. I am @thatpyguy and will release more tutorials in the future...
Acronymical (12)
How to create custom domains using FreeDNS
# What is FreeDNS? [FreeDNS] ( is a service created by Joshua Anderson, where people share their domains that you can use...
GameDev46 (5)
Javascript platformer - ultimate tutorial
# Getting started Start off by creating a new html, CSS and JavaScript repl and head over to the index.html file. We will need a canvas on the websi...
Squirrel777 (89)
Make your first web game as a clicker game!
# Introduction Ok, so you want to make games? And you dont know where to start? Well you came to the right place! Today you will be developing your ve...
GameDev46 (5)
Simple platformer base
This is a very easy to use platformer base, entirely made by me!! So all you need to do to use it is look at the top of the script.js file for the a...
tussiez (510)
HTML: The Basics (Draft)
-- Incomplete Draft -- # What is HTML? HTML is a ~~programming language~~ markup language. HTML is what makes up almost all of the webpages on the Int...
RyanH4 (2)
Marquee animations
These are marquees marquees are animations in html you can use them for websites they are very cool
remarkablemark (18)
Capture webcam video on webpage
Add [`<video>`]( element with the [`autoplay`](
Julya97 (0)
Key questions to ask when hiring React developers
* What do you enjoy most about React? * What's the difference between React and other JavaScript frameworks? * What do you know about JSX and is it po...
AnthonyMouse (56)
Making A (More Complex) Front End API
## Making a (More Complex) Front End API Tutorial I love making APIs (and giving them horrible names :P) So first of all, you need to know about DOM i...
AnthonyMouse (56)
Making A Simple Front End API
## Making a Simple Front End API Tutorial Great, thanks for coming to my tutorial! For once, this tutorial will not be for upvotes and cycles. :P __ S...
HariniS3 (0)
Hey ! All I am Harini and i am a beginner for Repl and joined before 1 month . Please See My Repls @HariniS3 ☜☜☜☜ Please Click on this & If yo...
muffinman12345 (20)
Coding with Python on using HTML
Hi, you can use this repl to code on HTML. But... IT's Python!
techstuffstuff (4)
Learning JS the easy way
Welcome to this new tutorial on JavaScript which should be updated every day! Things added: + Printing, variables and arrays ## Printing in the c...
RyanCheung1 (1)
How to make a auto clicker 2.0
the last tutorial i made wasn't that good at explaining, so this is the real tutorial. so using html, we make a button onclick ![Screenshot 2020-11-...
KobeFF (726)
How To Visit Blocked Sites ~ Using! [#TutorialJam]
> @elipie [#TutorialJam] # How To Visit Blocked Sites On A School Computer ~ Using! So, you're probably really annoyed at school for those c...
InvisibleOne (703)
How to make a risk game with HTML
## How to build a simple risk game! First, create an HTML/JS/CSS repl. Then, in the HTML, make a **<div></div>** to hold what we are going to make. cr...
Whacko (276)
Localstorage: Saving Data
# Localstorage: Saving Data Sup, everybody! School's been crazy lately, wearing masks and staying six feet apart, or three squids apart, or 50 lines o...
ch1ck3n (149)
Woof.js tutorial
# Introduction Who knows JS? Probably you. Who knows Jquery? Probably you. Who knows what's better than Jquery, p5.js, or some other random javascript...
EpicGamer007 (1026)
🌐|| How to use the Geolocation api || Get the users location! || 🌎
# How to use the HTML5 Geolocation api ## Get the location of the user! Here is a great thing I found while researching some HTML The geolocation ap...
MercedesElliot (1)
Hey in this tutorial will show how to make a puzzle game Feel free to see my and fork it and make some changes 😜
EpicGamer007 (1026)
How to get a moving Background Image in CSS!
# How to get a Moving Picture Background with CSS Okay, so i checked out @agent9002 's conversion calculator. AND IT WAS GODLY(Amazing background, et...
JosephSanthosh (1188)
HTML INTRO [Tutorial #1]
This is an introduction to HTML to those who want to learn HTML! ----------------------------------------------------------- ***I'll be going over th...
InvisibleOne (703)
Build a Simple Clicker in less then half an hour
# Simple Clicker Game ### HTML First things first, we’ll do the html. Start by created an image tag, this will be what the player clicks ``` <img src=...
Wumi4 (453)
How to add icons for your website with Font Awesome
# Hello everyone again!!! Like the title, today I will show you how to add beautiful and simple icons using Font Awesome. ## 1.Create an account If...
Lethdev2019 (197)
creating a code editor with prism
[//]: # (This is a secret message that you can't see normally, but you are looking at it on the repl talk page, not the post.) just to note, this was...
PowerCoder (713)
JS Fetch API Tutorial 📜
`Fetch`, the modern way to make HTTP requests in **Javascript**. There are many ways to make your HTTP requests like using XHR however, some of them a...
DungeonMaster00 (163)
How to Make a Menu Bar with HTML and CSS
# How to Make a Menu Bar with HTML and CSS I'm busy. I'm working on 3 projects: - Big text adventure game in Python - Simple operating system in C# -...