corbob (0)
How do I make this bot?
I am trying to make a discord bot where whenever someone pings @everyone in discord then it sends a custom video, this is with python. Please comment...
IMightBeMe (0)
Making a Simple 24 Line Cipher in Python
Hello everyone!!! 👋 This is my first tutorial so please leave feedback :D So the first thing we will want to do is make a list of the alphabet. Ther...
rafrafraf (568)
implementations of the fib function explained and analysed (memoization/recursion explained)
# Here are 3 implementations of the fibonacci function explained ## Iteration: the iterative solution is probably what comes to mind first. ```py #...
priyanknair (1)
Conditional statement
this is about conditional statement go watch my youtube channel for context this repl channel: Deck of codes link:
DaRubyMiner360 (3)
How to write a computer virus
Hello! I am going to explain how to write a computer virus. **NOTE: It is not against the law or a crime to make a computer virus. However, if that v...
qerewrad (1)
Python tutorial
### - My First Tutorial - Here a simple tutorial by [Qerewrad]( ```py print("hello user") ``` Output: hello user ````py impor...
Ayushantiwal (2)
5 Good Habits You Need to be a Successful Programmer
The People who Live their life with good habits enjoy happiness, calm and peace in their life. We need to live our life with good habits, which help u...
MatthewGregoryG (1)
look at this cool build
from random import choice from turtle import * from freegames import floor, vector state = {'score': 0} path = Turtle(visible=False) writer = Turtle(...
EricDixon2 (0)
Day 4 of Code
#codenewbieDay 4 of Code, Codenewbie
AditiBhopale (0)
A chatbot-1
see how is the chatbot that i make
angrydoge (308)
Ebic python tutorial: Javascript in python :0
# Welcome I'm gonna show you how to use the "os" module to use javascript in python in multiple steps! 1. Create a Javascript file with code in it F...
Joseph114 (1)
while vs.if
What is the difference between "while" and "if"? # While I made two variabiles with user input: ``` n1 = input("Write down any number: ") repeat_n1...
OldWizard209 (283)
Find current time in your region using Python.
So first import datetime: ```from datetime import datetime``` Then import pytz and import timezone: ```from pytz import timezone``` Then you can do...
codebotgaming (0)
*CODEBOTGAMING* Python Tutorial For Beginners
This is the program I use for my videos! I separate them by comments for each video! PLEASE NOTE: I do not answer questions through YouTube, I will ho...
WSLTItanic (1)
Structure of a simple Train and Test data ML program. And How to make your own one.
Structure of a simple Train and Test data; Machine Learning program and how to make your own one with little to no experience in Python 4.0 Programmin...
ajmalk (0)
Data Frame
How can we represent Data Frame in repl ? Suppose we want to print values in a dataframe say "print >10"
AverseABFun (8)
Fork this repl, then edit all the things in ()'s and the 'pkg's
Also follow the comments. Ok?
sopharrose (0)
Python Day 1: "Hello World!" and telling a story
So, let me guess. You just started Python, and you need to know how to write it (duh). It's actually pretty simple! First, open up a new repl and on...
FineMouche (1)
How avoid the mutable default arguments issue, 2 solutions :
1) don't use it, 2) make your "future" argument = None first.
gjirtngisnt (8)
Variables, Variable class, and F string tutorial.
Hello! This tutorial is for those who are new to python and have heard this term before but don't know what it means. What is a Variable? A variable i...
ready12345 (0)
A Game Of Chess
Hi guys! I just made a game of chess! Even though it won't show you a chessboard. Follow me! I'm working on another project
bottlesandcaps (53)
how to make a shop in python
# starting welcome to my tutorial today i am going to show you the following functions that are needed in making a shop: - print("") - input() - if -...
robowolf (274)
How to make an 'api' in python.
When requesting information from different websites it's very useful to be provided with a python wrapper for their API. But some sites don't have the...
priyanknair (1)
Python | Strings
This repl is about strings, their functions, and their uses. It's about string and its index and how can we access each element in a string. Some of t...
sashaWolf (0)
Tkinter IS possible on repl
if you want to make a little button to appear in the screen that is typing out the word CLICK ME then look at this little code I have made: https://r...
IreTheKID (373)
Proxy Servers for Noobs
## Intro After my recent post, [Discord Reverse Proxy](, there have been a lot of people, like @Baconman321 and @Dynam...
JugadSingh1 (2)
#Learn Python •Variables •Print Functions Ok: for variables, you do not need any keywords: ``` hello = "hello" ``` print statement syntax: ``` print(*...
EmpressQuill (0)
Very simple python virus
gonna add to this more later and make it more fun and interesting. as of now all it does is fill your files with my beautiful signature
OldWizard209 (283)
~~~Python Basics Detailed Tutorial~~~
# What we will be covering in this first course: * What is Python? + What are its uses - What is its demand? * Where can you code in Python? + Variab...
Og573 (0)
Og today I’m going to show...