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posted by timmy_i_chen (851) 11 months ago
WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
MINECRAFT! IN A WEB BROWSER! AWESOME!!! It's a fun, simple game that you can do many things in! Just try to explore!
posted by HENRYMARTIN4 (15) 23 hours ago
The Best Way To Code (Joke)
How to write code in the most cursed way. Using C++, I've renamed every token and keyword necessary to print "Hello, World!\n" using different variations of the word "yeet".
posted by Edgod (25) 15 hours ago
Send Nukes 1.2.1
New Version is out with a factory and a lab and some bugfixes are added to play now for free!
posted by Animator282 (16) 3 days ago
SPongebob AS a SERVICe
yOu'Ve aLWaYs needEd thIs hTtPS://SaAS.4TY2.fUn ![]( here aRe some eXtRa cHaRS BECaUsE THere IS A Min LiMIt OF 100
posted by jajoosam (471) 1 day ago
██ Empty ██
# Empty > Empty is a philosophical game all about life. No matter how hard you try to make something change, nothing will happen. Life is bleak and boring. Dark and scary. Strange and mystical. ![Black]( # Gameplay Hovering over the run button will change it to be green, and joyful. Actually clicking the run button though, will change the text to say *stop* instead of *run*. This shows how life can change at any moment. Shortly after, you will notice how the text changes again to *run*. Life is short, so live it wisely. ![Empty gameplay]( # Credits Thank you to consciousness, for allowing me to think. Thanks to my body, for allowing me to share this post with others. Thank you to everyone, who play-tested my game and gave me feedback on what to change. But most importantly, thank you, for playing Empty. Be sure to upvote this post if you enjoyed the game, and leave a comment with suggestions! Thank you. ![Random color]( # Praise for Empty @a5rocks (Famous developer): > 10/10 best game. This rating is completely unbiased. This game made me reflect on my past, something not many games have done. @nithilan4 (Has 13 cycles): > amazing. @Steven_The_GuyT (World class yo-er): > yo @Nanowrimoijk (is thatoneguy on discord): > wow totally changed my life playing this 🤣 @rediar (probably a greek philosopher or something) > This would impress any life long philosopher, and I nominate it for winning the game jam. It is a deep touching existential journey, exploring the mysteries of life. It makes you think, really think. Unlike most other games, it makes the player appreciate the beauty and majesty. The green is truly a subtle, but awe inspiring metaphor of how gray times can change for the good. The blackness represents how clueless we really are when it comes to what life really means, it’s ups and downs. For some it’s scary at times, for others, it is a curious thing. Even the name of the game is deeply touching, symbolizing the ultimate meaning. This game is shaking to the core. It is a revolution for the gaming industry, and should win the game jam. @Mooopy ( ) > ​ @ThatSmart (is smart) > Also this game is absolutely the best game I've played in years. @nithilan4 (oops i slipped and fell) > 👁👄👁 @Cool_Boi_Freak (is a cool boy) > 10/10 Would play again. @leon332157 (forgot that the caps lock button exists) > Bruh, THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE HOW GOOD IT IS. JUST RUN IT AND SEE BY YOURSELF. @TheDrone7 (aka h aka the eighth letter of the alphabet) > Best game in the history of the Earth. Keep up the good work. @eankeen (not a furry) > At first, I thought there wasn't much too this game. However, after closer examination, I realized there is much more to this game. It's fully dynamic and has complete multiplayer support! I was surprised by that - it blew my expectations out of the water. I'm proud to say that the controls are responsive and it's running at 60 frames per second (FPS). With complete certainty, I can recommend this game to the casual gamer, or the hardcore professional player. Huge props to @mat1 for architecting this magnificent beauty. @LehuyH (cool person) > This game the classic format of a game and blends it seamlessly with a philosophical narrative . This games develops a trust between players in a fashion I have never seen before. Without a tutorial, the player is immediately forced to materialize their own view on the simple, yet limitless void of white the game provides. I think this deep, thought-provoking and almost angelic style of game direction is something that has become so rare in today's oversaturated gaming environment. The gameplay is in one word: phenomenal. This game provides the player with a single button. The gameplay may seem simple, but can combined to create complex results. When I discovered that right-clicking said button creates a list of more buttons, I was amazed. Honestly, I have only touched the tip of the iceberg, and I will have to keep diving into this game in order to truly understand it's depth. @amasad (replit ceo man) > I never thought I'd cry playing a game. But this is different. After being on top of the world with my run button being green I was absolutely shattered. I was heartbroken and in disbelief. I lost all meaning. I was staring into the abyss. I'm not sure if I'll ever recover but I have a feeling that what Empty takes Empty gives back. I'm holding hope that one day I'll see the deep wisdom and optimism hidden behind the darkness and nihilism on the surface. Pray for me comrades. Pray for me. Nice job scrolling all the way to the bottom, make sure you leave a comment and upvote and i'll add you to the list!
posted by mat1 (2027) 1 month ago
Game made for a class: D-2200
Just a fun lil' text-based game I made for my highschool C++ Programming class. Based off of [SCP Foundation](
posted by Corwin_Strahan (12) 8 days ago
Space Runner
I entered this game in the game jam, but that post is locked now, so I posted it again in share. WASD or arrows to move, and q or space to shoot. 1 to pause, and 2 for fullscreen.
posted by GameMaster1928 (35) 5 days ago
Python Network!
PyNet 2.0 is my official release of my Python Network!, You can send messages and make apps for others to use! Welp this was destroyed quickly, sorry about that :/ your username and password are saved to and the passwords are semi encrypted. the apps you create are also saved and to top it off, the app creator works so well that it can actually run PyNet Inside of PyNet! just use KeyCode: 'pynet' in lowercase without the " " Thank You For Viewing! HEY!!!! This thing is dead should of known that using json_store as data storage was a bad idea, seeing as its a public site and anyone can edit the data as long as they have the key... it will still be usable but i wont be working on it,
posted by TimothyAnderso1 (45) 8 days ago
██💎Empty 3: Endgame💎██
**NOTE: THERE ARE NO ENDGAME SPOILERS IN THIS POST.** There have been many generations of Empty before this one. The legend begun with @mat1's infamous "Empty" and continuing on with none other than "Empty 2" (wow, what an original name) by @eankeen. However, I plan to finally end the saga with Empty 3: Endgame. That's right, the **ENDGAME**. No, I did not steal this from Avengers, I haven't even heard of that before. This is the Endgame because it is truly the most ultimate of all Empty repls that have preceded it, and provides a much more empty experience. Edwin, aka. eankeen, attempted to expose the lies of mat's "Empty" in his post, but that is not the empty way. He was showing anger and annoyance in his post, while what is truly required is simple emptiness and discipline. That is why I will abstain from condemning either of them, and simply explain why my Empty is the ultimate adaptation. # The Infinity Files The six infinity files were created before the universe itself: *, giving the power of TensorFlow, data analysis, and the power to develop machine learning algorithms. ![mindpy]( * Power.js, boosting any plain HTML and CSS web page with immense power and abilities to do things that plain HTML/CSS would never in their lifetime be able to accomplish. It is the front of the frontend. ![powerjs]( * Reality.css, shaping reality and defining the color, boundaries, and senses that we experience in our everyday lives. Without reality.css, the world would be a dull void. ![realitycss]( * Soul.png, shaping all of our souls and giving us hope for the future. When you look at a meme that is in a .png format, you can't help but feel relieved and regain your hope in humanity. ![Capture]( * Space.txt, which is an empty text file just like the void of space. Think of how much space can be saved by having an empty text file instead of text files with characters in them! ![spacetxt]( * Time.csv, providing all of the data of the history of the universe and of time itself. Time is documented within .csv, making it a great file to hold the time stone. ![Capture]( # The Power of the Files I, Mooopy, plan to use these Infinity Files with my Infinity Repl to wipe out all input and create perfect emptiness, thus saving thousands of gigabytes in storage and allowing us to save our resources. With the power of all the six stones, in combination with index.html, the gauntlet that binds them all together, I hit run repl. ... And what do you know? It's true emptiness. Nothing. A blank white canvas. But wait! You may be thinking ... what about the output? Well, if you switch over to the console tab, there is also nothing there! Not even a line telling you the version of the language or anything! And thus, thousands of EXABYTES of data can be spared and replaced with emptiness, which takes up almost nothing. My work here is done.
posted by Mooopy (56) 17 days ago
Minecraft on Replit
need I say more? . DISCLAIMER: It's a pain to log in and it's essentially unplayable due to the controls not working, but it actually runs ok on minimum settings. Hopefully future updates to the gfx here will allow it to work properly :)) EDIT: Yes, I know that shift doesn't work, and that you can't copy and paste your email in. Maybe try forking? EDIT EDIT: it's for servers now cuz i accidentally redid the entire thing without forking the original is here:
posted by SPQR (249) 28 days ago
MEME Website
For the English people : I have made a website on my own and I don't think I will post it on internet, so I decided to share it to you guys on replit. Enjoy and don't forget to open it in a new tab with the symbol (" little square with a diagonal arrow ") because it's way better that way. Also don't forget to put a comment like a suggestion or an appreciation or something like that, and it will be very nice it you voted for me on the top left. **I have noticed that the links are not working so click right here for the website site with the working links :** __________________________________________________________________________________ Pour les personnes françaises : J'ai fait un site web et je ne vais pas pouvoir le mettre sur internet donc je le partage avec vous sur replit. J'espère que vous allez l'apprécier et n'oubliez pas de l'ouvrir dans une nouvelle page grâce au symbole ("carré avec petite fléche en diagonale") car cela vous donne une meilleur expérience. N'oubliez pas de commentez des suggestions, des appréciations et aussi de voter en haut à droite. **Je viens de me rendre compte que les liens ne marchent pas donc si vous voulez essayez le site web avec les liens qui marchent, cliquez ici : **
posted by lsambrook (38) 8 days ago
██ Empty 2 (⚠️warning: this one is super cool) ██
# ██ Empty 2 ██ You may have seen the [original]( "Empty repl", posted by @mat1 a while back. If you're not familiar, Mat called his "Empty" repl a "*philosophical game alll about life*". However, I beg to differ. Not just for the sake of disagreeing, but because this "game" (as he calls it) is flawed in many aspects. ## Huh? But before I tell you why I'm dissatisfied, you might be thinking to yourself: #### *"Hey Edwin, didn't you like the game?"* Yeah, I *used to* like his so-called "game". See what I said about the game, when I was swimming in ignorance: ![image]( When I *did* like his project, I felt a sense of purpose and belonging. Mat's gameplay demonstration flooded me with surreal emotions. I'm a bit hesitant to admit, but it caused me to have some out-of-body experiences. *However*, I'm undergoing a lot of stress and experiencing a major headache just by looking at his post (let alone reading it!). *Why*, you may ask? What caused me to *change* my mind? The reasons are provided below. ## Major Issue 1 I have a major issue with Mat's so-called "Gameplay" section. There is a deep flaw. I'll let you take a look at it first! See the screenshot. ![1556062507471]( ##### Notice it yet? It's quite obvious. The problem lies on line 2, column 66 As you can see, he typed > of *run.* Excuse me? Did he just *italicize* the period after the word "run"? Now you can see why I'm all bent out of shape! That's just *wrong*. [One simply does not simply]( italicize the punctuation after an italicized word! But wait - *there's more*! It happens again on line 4, column 17! He wrote: > of *run*. Oh my God! This time, he *didn't* italicize the period after the word "run"! ##### What is it Mat? To italicize or to not italicize? Make up your darn mind! ## Major Issue 2 Mat has this GIF demonstrating his main "gameplay" ![image]( Yeah, the GIF's cute and all, but without even realizing it, Mat exposed himself. You see, after clicking on "run", there is something that pops up on the screen. > Python 3.6.1 (default, Dec 2015, 13:05:11) [GCC 4.8.2] on linux Holy mackerel, that looks ugly! You need to see some pics to truly understand Mat's grievances: ![1556064074653]( After looking that, I can't help myself but think about how many lives were wasted, and how many souls were lost when Mat chose "Python". Now take a look at my game! > node v10.15.2 linux/amd64 ![1556064123903]( My console window is *much* more elegant! There are less characters, and, most importantly, they don't overlap the icons. Is it now such a surprise that I now dislike Mat's original program? It should all be clear now why *mine is better*. I'm surprised Mat hasn't already apologized for his two *major* mistakes. Without further delay, let's move on to our last and final issue. ## Major Issue 3 Mat's repl has *thousands* of issues that I can dissect further. However I'm limiting myself to 3 issues, rather than two thousand, or even fifty-two thousand issues. I'm not limiting my self to 3 because I picked the number "3" arbitrarily; rather, I chose 3 because because it comes after "2" in the set that includes all natural numbers. Now, let's get real here. Issue 3 is by far the *most major* issue. It concerns the so-called "reviews" on Mat's post. First, I'll let you take a look at these so-called "reviews". ![image]( As you can see, quite a few people gave positive reviews, but there is *one* thing that Mat *conveniently* leaves out. You see, Mat walked up to me, looked at me straight in the eye, and asked me to leave a positive review in exchange for a load of cash. He actually did this! You probably want to see some cold-hard evidence right now. Well lucky for you chap! - I have a *totally forged* screenshot below! I had to scroll through history quite a bit to find this gem. ![image]( As you can see, Mat wanted to get rid of some Yens by actually *offering* me some. I am in total disbelief! First of all, if you want to bribe me, you *better* bribe me with *Francs* rather than *Yens*. They're far more valuable and are performing *much* stronger! How did I get so distracted? *Anyways*, did Mat's reply imply that he was fine with getting fined? Or was he simply acknowledging that his actions are fineable? I can only conclude from implied intent, so I'll leave it up to @mat1 to clarify this statement. #### And I'll say it again - Busted! ## Conclusion Now you people understand why it pains me to look at @mat1's so-called "Empty" "game". There are so many flaws that it's impossible to avoid them all. You may have one lingering question. If Mat's repl was *actually* terrible, why would *I* be creating a sequel? That point is valid. For that reason, I'm not actually naming my project "Empty". I'm going to call it "Full", because it is full of everything that "Empty" failed to offer: purpose, meaning, and peace. I hope I caused you guys to think a bit more critically about the world around you. I hope I planted a small seed of doubt in your hearts. Maybe it'll grow as you read Mat's *frivolous* post again. And one last thing, @a5rocks, @nithilan4, @Mooopy, @leon332157, and @TheDrone7, I *urge you* to pay back the ¥10 and adjust your reviews accordingly. I understand that you all want to create a quick buck, but bribes are *no joke*. Please let everyone know why my *Full* is far better than Mat's *Empty*. ### Legit Reviews (Actually) ##### Zavexeon > Wow, I thought the first game had the perfect ending but this... this is serene! ##### REZA_AULIAAULIA > I luv this project :) ##### rediar > The stark contrast between the [@mat1]( at and [@eankeen]( ‘s versions of Empty are clear, but we are reminded no matter how different they may seem, we are reminded the core message remains the same, the takeaway of life the ups and the downs, the symbolizing blacks. The revolutionary new text that [@eankeen]( has discovered that there are many ways to represent the mysterious meaning.... This is a remarkable breakthrough that brings tears to the eye. However, his offensive comments against the yen is not appreciated. > > **if this review was helpful please upvote!** ##### raghavm > nO sTOP u uNORGININAL bOI ##### mat1 > Smh my head ##### JOSHUAKOU > Wow, this sucks. As you can see, I'm getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from my fellow brothers and sisters. Even mat1 said is was great (you can really tell from his deeply insightful quote!) And thank you to all of you readers, for being so kind and understanding! PEACE ✌
posted by eankeen (455) 28 days ago
Visual RPG with Funny Emoticons
Basic RPG with Attacks from popular culture and media, So attacks i made myself. One Added bonus with Emoticons that display attacks you type. I thought it was pretty fun so i hope you do to
posted by spiderchi4 (5) 5 days ago
Send Nukes 1.3.2
A newer version is out with: -Notifications -Health -Alien Attacks -Colors Like the game if you like it!
posted by Animator282 (16) 5 hours ago
Byte: The Game
# Play the game [here](! Best played in a separate window. Requires a keyboard - sorry mobile users! ## Byte: The Objective In Byte, the goal is to generate every 8-bit number by flipping switches, one switch at a time. Here's the catch: you can't generate the same number twice, so you'll have to be systematic with how you count! (Hint: look up Grey Code) There's a practice mode that will not end the game if you generate the same number. But the challenge mode is where it all counts! ## Backstory A few months ago the team went to an escape the room as part of a team bonding activity. We were in the final room and each of us were spread among different puzzles. One of the puzzles was a locked box with 8 switches. With not much time left and no clues to help us with the numbers, I did the only thing I could think of - brute force the crap out of the box. I got lucky, and it worked after a few dozen flips. When we were debriefing afterwards, @turbio claimed he could get through all 256 combinations in a few minutes. I challenged him to do so, he accepted, and it was off to the races. Recently, @turbio and @basicer re-created the lockbox, and showed that it was indeed possible to get all the combinations within a few minutes. I believe at this time of writing @turbio's record is about 2 minutes. Because physical programming is not my forte and @phoopio and I wanted to add more features, we made this sweet web-based game to simulate the box (sorry @turbio!) ## Credits and Acknowledgements @kognise for [water.css]( @turbio and @basicer for inspiration @phoopio for finding patterns within grey code
posted by timmy_i_chen (851) 18 days ago
My Blog!
Check it out! It showcases my talents, along with my friend's. That's it!
posted by HENRYMARTIN4 (15) 2 days ago
Clean Flask Website
I made a running server that can double as a nice website. I am currently in the process of adding some type of account sign-up/login.
posted by EchoCoding (48) 3 days ago
Advanced Harmonograph
A harmonograph is an apparatus that uses pendulums to create a geometric image. A simple, so-called "lateral" harmonograph uses two pendulums to control the movement of a pen relative to a drawing surface. In this program, I made a harmonograph that creates a random balanced, geometrical, shape each time. Change some values and the colors for fun!
posted by EchoCoding (48) 3 days ago
Does anyone remember the old game Mastermind? Basically, you try to guess a hidden sequence of colored pegs correctly. I've recreated that in the python terminal, and improved it. The original game allowed you to play with 4 different colored pegs to guess, but I have altered it so that you can use 3, 4, 5... or any other number greater than 3. Each added peg makes it progressively harder. Specific instructions are explained in the game itself. Enjoy!
posted by minermaniac447 (169) 5 days ago
✨⭐ Repl Talk API for Python ⭐✨ (With documentation)
# Repl Talk API (unofficial) Easily communicate with the GraphQL Repl Talk API with this project. *** # Features ![Screenshot of the Repl Talk API code]( - Beautiful asynchronous goodness - Easy to use - Documentation - Also it uses the GraphQL API so there's no web scraping going on here. - Allows logging in (for verified bots to prevent spammers) - The only Repl Talk API that works in Python - Implements pretty much every Repl Talk route - Made by [mat™]( - Can be `import`ed - **Leave a comment if you want to request a feature!*** # Examples ![import repltalk]( ```py # Print the titles of the top Repl Talk posts import asyncio import repltalk client = repltalk.Client() async def main(): top_posts = await client.boards.all.get_posts() for post in top_posts: print(post.title) loop = asyncio.get_event_loop() loop.run_until_complete(main()) ``` ```py # Gets the amount of cycles for a user import asyncio import repltalk client = repltalk.Client() async def main(): username = input('Enter a username\n> ') user = await client.get_user(username) print(f'{} has {user.cycles} cycles') loop = asyncio.get_event_loop() loop.run_until_complete(main()) ``` **Leave a comment if you have an example!** # API Reference *** ## Client `class repltalk.Client()` + *coroutine* `login(username, password)` Logs in to with your username and password. Your bot must be verified in order to use this function. + *coroutine* `get_post(post_id)` Gets the post with that id. *Returns Post* + *coroutine* `post_exists(post_id)` Returns whether or not the post exists. *Returns Bool* + *coroutine* `get_leaderboard(limit=30)` Gets the top users from the Repl Talk leaderboard. *Returns list of `User`s* + *coroutine* `get_all_comments()` Gets all the recent comments from Repl Talk. *returns list of `Comment`s + *coroutine* `get_user(username)` Gets the user with that username. *returns User* + `boards` See *Board*. *** ## Board `class client.boards` *** + `all` The *All* board on Repl Talk + `share` The *Share* board on Repl Talk + `ask` The *Ask* board on Repl Talk + `announcements` The *Announcements* board on Repl Talk + `challenge` The *Challenge* board on Repl Talk + `learn` The *Learn* board on Repl Talk *** + *coroutine* `get_posts(sort='top', search='')` Gets the most recent posts from that board. Sort is the sorting order (top|hot|new) and search is the search query. *returns PostList* *** ## Post + `id` The post ID + `title` The post title + `content` The post content + `board` The board the post was made on. + `votes` The amount of upvotes the post has. + `author` The post author. Will be a User object. + `datetime` The time the post was created at. + `url` The post url in Repl Talk. + `repl` The repl attached to the post. + `show_hosted` Indicates if the post has a hosted repl linked to it. + `is_announcement` If the post is marked as an announcement. + `can_edit` Indicates if the user can edit the post. This will be *False* unless you created the post. + `can_comment` If the user can comment on the post. + `can_vote` Indicates if the user can upvote the post. + `has_voted` Indicates if the user has already voted on the post. + `is_locked` Indicates if the post is locked. + *coroutine* `get_comments()` Gets the comments on the post. + *coroutine* `post_comment(content)` Posts a comment on the post *** ## Comment + `id` The post ID. + `content` The post body. + `time_created` The time the comment was created at. + `can_edit` Indicates if the user can edit the comment. + `can_comment` Whether or not the user can post a comment. + `url` The comment's url. + `votes` Gets the amount of upvotes the comment has. + `can_vote` Indicates if the user can vote on the comment. + `has_voted` Indicates if the user has already upvoted the post. + *coroutine* `reply(content)` Replies to the comment with the content *** ## User + `id` The user ID. Pretty useless since you can't get the user from their id. + `name` The user's username. + `avatar` The user's avatar url + `url` The user's profile link + `cycles` The amount of cycles that user has + `roles` The roles the user has set on their profile. *** ## PostList Acts basically like a normal list + *coroutine* `next()` Gets the next page of posts *** Make sure to upvote this post and leave a comment if you think this is cool! *-mat*
posted by mat1 (2027) 17 days ago
Minecraft!! IT WORKS AFTER 21 TRYS!!!
posted by HENRYMARTIN4 (15) 5 days ago
Banking Simulator
I am working on this for game jam., and i would like some ideas for what i can do to improve! Update 1.7: Added more color (e.g red text when you LOSE money) Added donation bin
posted by AzureScripts (111) 2 months ago
Use ASWD or the arrow keys to move.
posted by JaidynA (58) 2 months ago
Cycle Finder
This code finds out how many cycles you have an updates it live.
posted by Pythonier (286) 19 days ago
DOOM (1993) on (yes, really)
I put the trial version here, if you want to use the full version you'll have to buy it Alternatively, you could use community WADs, which are typically free, just change DOOM1.WAD in main to whatever the name of the new WAD is (freedoom is loaded if you want to use that one) Controls can be found in the "Read This!" Section of the menu, after the whole "this is shareware" thing Unfortunately I don't think there's sound :(
posted by SPQR (249) 30 days ago
Worlds Hardest Game
Worlds Hardest Game, almost impossible. Still really hard. If you don't guess correctly you lose. 1 or 2 **New: Made harder now it takes more tries to win. Chance of Winning: 0.78125%** `Winners:` @Murzikal @ProgrammerAI @TommyIsAwesome @LucasOrdway @Aidan72 @Minion3665 @FrancoSinisi @xeroc144 @Fire_Kiwi @itbarsoum @jason21
posted by Pythonier (286) 1 month ago
Dragon Eye RPG
This is an RPG made for the AI competition. The game is intelligent by generating a story and determining enemy moves. # About Dragon Eye is a terminal based RPG. It may not be a AAA game, but it does have one special thing about it. Since there is no story, the game is generated by an AI based on decisions you have made. ![image]( # Enemies You can fight a variety of enemy's in the game. Before combat the game generates your enemy to be close to your level and damage, that way every fight is fair, and a decent challenge. ``` class Enemy{ public int Level; public int Health; public string Race; public int Damage; public int Defense; } ``` # Items Items are essential to playing Dragon Eye, without them you would most likely be on a death loop. ``` class Item{ public string ItemType; public string ItemName; public int ItemLevel; public int Damage; public int Value; } ``` # Strategy The gameplay is based on strategically making decisions. You always have 3 options in combat, attack, defend, and use item. Using an item will heal you with an item, defend will use your defense to counter the enemies next attack, and attacking will use your attack and subtract that from the enemies health. ``` class Player{ public string Name; public int Level; public int Health; public string Race; public int Damage; public int GP; public int Defense; public int xp; public List<Item> Inventory = new List<Item>(); } ```
posted by PixelBitez (161) 4 months ago
!!!The Infinity Files!!!
# The Infinity Files All the information you need to know is on the website below! Thank you for viewing my post, and if you enjoy, don't forget to upvote! Links to the files can be found in the [website]( ### MAKE SURE TO OPEN IN A NEW TAB FOR THE LINKS TO WORK!!!!
posted by itbarsoum (34) 16 days ago
Cool easter egg
Poking around at a REPL can lead you to the domain "" located above the console window. Interested to see what would happen, I went to the root domain []( and saw a familiar screen: the intro to the Star Wars ASCII animation accessible through Telnet. Got a nice laugh from that :)
posted by niorg2606 (26) 19 days ago