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timmy_i_chen (952)
Rules for Posting - Read me!
Some rules and guidelines to keep in mind as you share your great work on our boards: 1 - Be kind and courteous to others 2 - Make sure that any feed
mat1 (2299)
double helix
its a thing i made in 4 seconds upvote for free happiness ok thank you
Dani328 (7)
My very first project
I have just started and it is so fun!
drea14 (7)
An awesome sword that I made. Took pretty long as I am new to this website. I hope you like it and thank you.
Vandesm14 (530)
A super simple chatroom that is fast and secure
Hate the fact that you either don't have discord or don't have access to it? Well now you can enjoy the fun of human to human communication though Low
JerryLim1 (7)
Please help me find out where i did wrong
im trying to show the squared of x,y and z in the function fun3, i seem to did it all correctly but the output is not correct..
BradyDew (3)
Save The Axolotl
Hello programmers, I have created a project representing axolotls, more info inside
SPQR (379)
Procedural dungeon exploration in the console using C++
A sneak peek at my current project. Current features: -non-blocking unbuffered console I/O -Display class to handle treating console as a screen and
AppliDev (84)
A new repl!
So I was just thinking about some idea then I decided to create a URL shortener and I did! Heres the website: I am still work
Trapdoorspyder (36)
The Most Boring Game
This game is incredibly boring. Please give it chance though, as the narrator does get rather lonely. This project has been in the making for quite a
AppliDev (84) Desktop Signup!
This post is for people who either want to help with the the desktop app or want to test the app when we are done. Here's the form: https://fo
LandanThompson (2)
Chess is the best game ever invented blah blah blah
JacobRogers (19)
A MineCraft clone with 4 blocks. It is very simple and may not load right away. Play for fun at
Komil (5)
It's a simple calculator with few operators, please take a look and give me feedback on what I can do to shorten it (and run the same way it does with
TemperanceKamil (1)
The Fox
A fox how likes to trick other animals for his/hers own benefit
GrantKeo (45)
Information Center
Welcome to the Information Center (It answers questions like I do.) Unfortunately, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HAL-9000, R2-D2, and Cortana are on vac
amasad (1376)
Realtime file updates now will sync your files in realtime. It even has a neat little cursor for when the system is giving you file updates 🤯 Try forking this rep
dhanushka2001 (8)
Log-in and Email user interface
Introduction Hello, this is my first time sharing a repl I made, hope you like it. This is a project I set myself, it started small, to just make a lo
JesUS11 (1)
Party time
Having a party for my coding mad husband any ideas what to get him (nothing rude pls)
mwilki7 (194)
SoftCPU - Assembly Programming
Ever wanted to write an assembly program on repl? Now you can do it with this program! An 8 MB file is used as memory and a place for the instruction
MarcoOrdaz (1)
New Game
This need's to be tested so can people run it for me please. And also thank you.
TheImagin33r (18)
This is a game...
Hi everyone! I made a game. Wait... Nope. this is stil my work in progress! Its not done yet so please don't try it. There are a lot of bugs and I d
Anthony_Tonev (77)
Basic Card Game
Node js multiplayer card game. The game is just an experiment. Please try running it at full screen https://basic-card-game--anthony-tonev.
AllAwesome497 (98)
AllSeeingBot is a discord moderation bot designed off of customization. How it works Every message counts as one offense, unless it has one of five
ash15khng (303)
Code that gets top post from r/todayilearned
This code uses the Reddit API to get the top post from r/todayilearned, prints it out and adds it to a file. I don't know why I made this but I needed
raulpy (7)
FOTOCRYPT - Encrypting pixels in a photo
hello world! Today I will share with you a code that encrypts and/or decrypts the pixels of an images. encrypted key How it works First, a list o
LukeClifford (1)
Email Creator
Nothing Special Just Made In My Free Time Feel Free To Moderate It
raghavm (66)
Music Jam Results Algorithm! LEAKED!!
Below is the official algorithm used by to determine when the results will be final: while(true){ if(day == "Sunday" && time == "11:
PCL (240)
Repl Desktop App! (sort of)
A while back I have seen a post about someone wanting to make a repl desktop app. I thought it was a cool project, and decided to try to make it mysel
duck132912 (41)
all you have to do is play it go to how to play and read the instructions
ryaalbr (6)
My Personal Website
I made my own personal website. There's not much, but I'll add more to it over time.