Coder100 (10692)
Turkey Tag
# Turkey Tag You are a turkey... It is unknown what you do in the wilderness as the only time you are taken interest is when its **thanksgiving!** Hum...
amasad (2695)
Jam Submission: Code Daily
## Code Daily Code Daily is an app that encourages you to code daily. I remember reading about the comedian Jerry Seinfeld and how he stopped procras...
fuzzyastrocat (1253)
[Jam Submission] CurtaCode — Your All-In-One IDE for the Curta systems programming language!
A while back, for the langjam, I made a systems programming language named Curta. I've decided to revamp Curta and really make it something special,...
Bookie0 (4527)
🦃 Turkey Translator!!! 🦃
# Gobble Gobble Gobble! 🦃 🦃 🦃 Gobble Gobble, Gobble Gobble Gob-- Sorry, forgot that I'm on repl.it, not [_turkey-it_](http://turkeyit.co...
RayhanADev (808)
CodeByte, A Chill Coding Forum (Jam-10 Submission)
Ever wanted a place where you can ask for coding help, or share your projects without the bias of forums nowadays? Well introducing: # **CodeByte** #...
Cooolcoder (64)
My online countdown
For the past few days, I have been working on this countdown. I spent over 7 hours working on my project, and this project is my biggest yet. It is mo...
SpicedSpices (284)
FnCache - Snippet Package Manager
This was my submission for Repl.it's Code Jam #10. It was made over the course of 19 straight hours of work, 12 of which were overnight, so I'm not ha...
Coder100 (10692)
Quicken Editor
# Quicken Editor I forgot to post :( Well anyways, here's the Quicken Code Editor (formerly called CookeyLang)! It contains [email protected] with extra...
programmeruser (116)
codeweb - jam submission
# codeweb codeweb is a very simple IDE for beginners and experts that was made by me and a @Kookiez for the Code Jam. It currently only supports HTML/...
TommyVictory (194)
Kahoot misclick trainer
Have you ever played a kahoot, gotten the answer before anyone else, then MISCLICKED? If so, this programs for you! It uses tkinter buttons and a rand...
Smart0ne (574)
After testing this game 100 times to make sure it's fair, I present to you: Among us ALPHA! # Introduction This is Among Us ALPHA, which is based on...
EpicRaisin (191)
3d but its actually fake
I decided to challenge myself to create a 3d renderer. But since I suck at JS for some reason, I decided to do this pseudo-3d renderer instead. ## Th...
RyanChoe1 (184)
Among Us Drawing - New version coming out soon!
Hi guys! This is a program that draws a among us figure. I added all of the colors in Among Us. Also, should I make more drawings like an imposter or...
fuzzyastrocat (1253)
Real 3D — 3D But it's actually not fake
Inspired by @EpicRaisin's recent post, I decided to make a 3D renderer. Right now it just draws a box, but it can draw anything if you configure it....
😡Anger Test😡 - 👺Test your anger here👺
# 👺Anger Test👺 hi guys, I made an anger test simulator, where you can check out how much anger you have, and what you can do to reduce it. # Featu...
paulinakoz (50)
As part of the python course I am doing I have made this game of hangman which aimed to test my knowledge of what I have learnt so far. Definitely exp...
TsunamiOrSumth (258)
my jam 10 submission :DDDDDDDD
# :D Ok, so @Kookiez said this was really good, so I have the confidence to share this! Its meant to get youth to code, and it has a couple of tutori...
amaddentcsec (198)
JavaCraft V1.0 - Minecraft clone
### Welcome to JavaCraft! JavaCraft is a Minecraft clone using text to represent blocks and the player. It's set in a 2d world. The current features a...
TheJamCoder (5)
Among Us [REAL!]
Guys plz see it it took me 9 months to do everything and worked 5 hours every day plz upvote this and share it with your freinds
Coder100 (10692)
Show Your Math Teacher!
![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1606002221565_0a124460c91e0b1dbe304210d1ba84df.png) # Mandelbrot Set I am so excited to post th...
sugarfi (587)
Algo Hamlet
## Algo Hamlet ## Note: To have the best experience possible, please play in fullscreen. Algo Hamlet is a small game designed to initiate players to...
PattanAhmed (1225)
# Pong! Hi everyone! This is basically just a pong game from the coding world. **How to play:-** Just simple. Try to move two paddles so that it ca...
DynamicSquid (4368)
I made a 🐍Snake AI 💻
Hi! I made Snake. You can control it using WASD, or the arrow keys. Eat the red apples, and don't crash into the walls or yourself! But..... When y...
Smart0ne (574)
NOTE: If you are using a chunk of code from this program, please credit me. :) More than 400 lines of code! More than 12 hours of working! More than...
rafrafraf (304)
rafmovies - free video streaming site
## **DISCLAIMER: this site is an amazon prime clone that was made for fun to challenge myself, it does not display copyrighted material. the buttons d...
Gudetamwa (1)
Slots and Heads or Tails | Part One of a Larger Project
### Welcome to Gambling Bot Attempt Two This is my second attempt at creating a Gambling bot in Swift. Swift, you say? ## SWIFT? *did he really say...
KobeFF (650)
# BЯΣΛKӨЦƬ Hey y'all! I was bored in the middle of History class so I made this... Not too impressive but pretty good for a 40 minute session - not t...
Muffinlavania (1389)
The Maze, but its cool
# Welcome to the maze! Some of you might have already seen this, but this is not just a repost for nothing. I saw @InvisibleOne 's post, and saw how...
abhishek654 (5)
Higher Lower Game
In this game user has to guess who has more followers between the 2 Instagram handles displayed in it. Give it a go and have fun!
robowolf (89)
Boogle - Search Engine In Python (Powered by Wikipedia)
Have you ever wanted a search engine without all those annoying cookies? Well look no further. The Boogle Search Engine is the most "reliable". With j...