TimothyRowell (69)
Codergram Instagram for coders
# about Codergram is a new startup, it is simply a social media for coders. Upload videos, projects, games, images, and chat with friends. Ask for hel...
InvisibleOne (2179)
I sort of made this just messing around with some stuff. It's kinda satisfying. I added another shape! ![Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 8.40.23 AM](http...
CSharpIsGud (855)
This is my first post in a long time, I haven't had much ideas for projects to put on talk, since I'm not comfortable spamming games and stuff like pe...
🛒 Shopping Cart App | Greens 🛒
# 🛒 Shopping Cart App 🛒 Hi guys, i made a little shopping cart app, with a few similar features of a real shopping cart app. # Features + regist...
LorenzoCampos (154)
🐍 snake 🐍
**Unicode character-based** so it runs 'well' in repl.it. The first real use I've ever made of threading in python, feel free to comment on any improv...
Bookie0 (5648)
✊🏾 Black History Month ~ Celebrating African Americans
# 👋 Hello!! Hope everyone is doing safe and well! It's February, and the whole month of February is **Black History Month**! ![Screen Shot 2021-...
MarcusWeinberger (669)
repldm alpha 0.0.1 - direct messaging in repl.it!
# repldm is a project that aims to bring direct messaging functionality to repl.it *By me and @rafrafraf * ![demo](https://i.imgur.com/5pDahEc.gif)...
Whippingdot (397)
Org About Page
# Intro Hey guys this is the about page for our organization I made. Anyone can join the org, and in this about page there is a signup page in which y...
JalenDavis1 (248)
WELCOME TO JUMANJI! Prepare yourself for a wild adventure. Please write all responses using the same capitalization as the options.
galaxyraider9 (84)
AI that will guess your age Beta
I made an Ai that will try to guess your age it is still buggy so this is the beta
Coder100 (15409)
Fractal Trees
# Trees Have you ever looked at a tree? If so you know what a tree looks like. Yay! ## Pictures ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/image...
TurtleAndrew (157)
Ray Casting Game
I've spent the last day and a half working on this game that uses ray casting. Ray casting is a method of rendering a 2D level as if it was 3D. It was...
RhinoRunner (585)
Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis
The glitch orbs are back, and this time, they are in the legendary lost city... # Labyrinth 2: Escape Atlantis As a sequel to [Labyrinth](https://rep...
rafrafraf (1365)
repl DM: a sneak peak
## @marcusweinberger and i are working on something big ;) ## its called repl DM and its still in the making, but here is a **sneak peak** into what...
InvisibleOne (2179)
💣 Defuse the bomb! 💣 [New Part added!] [explosion sound effect now added!]
## 🧨 Can you defuse the bomb in time? Or will you be blown to pieces? The goal is simple: Defuse the bomb in 60 seconds ### Update I now added a se...
RhinoRunner (585)
The evil glitch orbs have taken over the terminal! It is your job to get to the finish, because if you don't, you die 🤔 # Controls the basic wasd c...
Brendan23 (65)
🚂All Aboard!🚂
# About this ASCII animation was made by Andreas Freise. you can check out his site with this link: http://www.ascii-art.de/ # How To all you have t...
generationXcode (304)
terminal video viewer
The is a program that lets you play a video on the terminal. Wow! yes cool. SO COOL! I made it so that you can use any video on this and boom you have...
LegendaryAlpha (220)
Ctof or Sea toff - A converter - must seeeee! read description
# This a small project of mine # Itz like a download website of a Celsius to Fahrenheit converter # Credits - w3schools for glowing text animation
CodingCactus (4091)
Portfolio Site
Having developed my web dev ability to a pretty large extent since I made my old portfolio site, I decided my [old site](https://codingcactus.repl.co)...
CursorsDev (720)
dashy dash game REMASTERED
heyo, dashy dash was pretty nice, but i took it to the next level with starz (the name of this game). **starz** is about a color hole (a black hole,...
KobeFF (1285)
🌟 CSS Solar System 🌍
# The Solar System > By KobeFF Have you ever wanted to see the solar system **IN MOTION**!? Well, I just learned how to do CSS animations from [W3Sc...
LegendaryAlpha (220)
Alpha mange - your all in one task manager - must see!
# Alpha Manage - ## Buttons - + 'Add task' adds a task + 'Delete task' deletes a selected task. + to select a task, click on any added task in the l...
Jonathan2018 (154)
ShareDoc - Kind of a Google Docs Clone
## Announcement If you created a doc on this site earlier, it isn't available anymore, because our database malfunctioned which caused a 404 error whe...
srsly (17)
Animal Crossing!
# Welcome to Animal Crossing! ## In this game you have to make an island and survive you can survive by making fish! ## That is all I will tell you so...
awdrgyjil1234 (27)
Games Unblocked!
Play games unblocked at school!
NeilBhaduri (54)
Kingdom Simulator!!
Welcome back guys to another game by me! Today, it is a Kingdom Simulator. # Thank Yous Thanks to the following. Without you, this wouldn't be possi...
Fireblazer (4)
A Hero's Adventure
(v.4) Please give any feedback! Please comment if You want a new update
LegendaryAlpha (220)
Feather - the text editor[dark mode and light modeeeeeeee]
# My path on beating @JBloves27's text editor.... wut's new, dark mode and light mode
SilvermoonCat (368)
꧁ Animal Crossing New Horizons ꧂
# Animal Crossing New Horizons >by me, a self-taught coder who’s confused by you all’s complicated codes T-T I coded this two months ago and a few da...