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posted by timmy_i_chen (430) 5 months ago
❌TicTacToe ⭕ 💻Terminal Edition ✨
🤔Ever wanted to play ❌TicTacToe ⭕ in the terminal 💻? Me neither, but I made it anyway 🤷because i want upvotes⬆! 🎮You can [play it here](https://TicTacToe-Terminal-Edition.mat1.repl.run) or [view the source](https://repl.it/@mat1/TicTacToe-Terminal-Edition) 🖥. ## How to play - uh just click on the blank spaces 🗅 and stuff - i made this in like 30 minutes 🕒 - nope, no ai 🤖. so if you have no friends then that's too bad - theres colors 🎨 i guess - pls upvote 👍 > ⬆ DON'T FORGET TO UPVOTE ⬆ > If you find a bug 🐛, don't report it because I won't fix it
posted by mat1 (307) 5 days ago
❌TicTacToe⭕ 💻TERMINAL 💻 + 🦃TURKEY🦃 Edition
🤔Ever wanted to play ❌TicTacToe ⭕ in the terminal 💻 with TURKEYS🦃? Me neither, but I made it anyway 🤷 because i want upvotes ⬆ and because of Thanksgiving🍂! 🎮 You can [play it here](https://tictactoe-turkey-edition.mat1.repl.run/) or [view the source](https://repl.it/@mat1/TicTacToe-Turkey-Edition) 🖥. ## How to play - Click on the blank spaces - ??? - Profit - Upvote (it's a step so you have to do it) ## Features - giant friendly turkey - i made this in like an hour 🕒 - There's an AI 🤖 ~~in case you have no friends~~ - Thanksgiving color scheme 🎨 - Easter eggs? 😀 - Upvote if you enjoy 👍 - Comment 💬 with suggestions > ⬆ DON'T FORGET TO UPVOTE ⬆ > If you find a bug 🐛, please ~~don't~~ report it ~~because I won't~~ so I can fix it
posted by mat1 (307) 4 days ago
its just a dumb simple clickbait generator
posted by Boopydoop (11) 3 days ago
📱 Repl Talk 💬 💻 **TERMINAL EDITION** 💻
# Repl Talk Terminal Edition yeah so basically it lets you view 🔥 [Repl Talk](https://repl.it/talk) 🔥 in the terminal - first you have to go to [repl-talk-terminal.mat1.repl.run](https://repl-talk-terminal.mat1.repl.run) 🔗 for it to be fullscreen 💻 - then you can scroll up ⬆ and down ⬇ with your scroll wheel or arrow keys - you can click 🖱️ on a post to view it - at the top you can click 🖱️ the board name to view the posts in that board - be weary of the bugs! 🐛 - 👍 leave an upvote ⬆️ > DON'T FORGET TO ⬆️ UPVOTE ⬆️ > if you find a bug, please report it in the comments 💬
posted by mat1 (307) 11 days ago
Cookie Clicker: Terminal Edition
I'm still adding some things to it. You have to run it at https://jam4.pyelias.repl.run/ for it to work properly. EDIT: yay i won the code jam See the code jam grades at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K_xkdKIcdFfAdaL3JbQ13h4BLT9VtIXgcQtJYPhnSTY/edit#gid=197356522
posted by pyelias (570) 22 days ago
How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
Hello Programmers, This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which later centres into a Black Hole. Step 1 - Import and Name your turtle Step 2 - Create a for - in range and mark anything more than 100 Step 3 - Go forward by 180 or more Step 4 - Go left by 70 or more Step 5 - Go forward by 60 or more Step 6 - Go right by 40 or more Step 7 - Pen up Step 8 - Set position 0,0 Step 9 - Pen down Step 10 - Go right by 2 or more Challenge: Add Colour to make it a Rainbow Spiral There you have it Ten Easy Steps to make a pretty fascinating Black Hole Spiral and impress other programmers.
posted by nothplus (58) about 1 month ago
three lesson
my lesson
posted by EnteFool (12) 11 days ago
No Pressing Enter!
Get input from the user without pressing the enter key! Good for moving a player or a game of tetris! Or use [@pyelias's example](https://repl.it/@fullern000/Pyelias-No-Enter)
posted by fullern000 (671) 11 days ago
Blog in Node.js
Check out my blog that I wrote a while ago in Node.js. It used to be hosted somewhere else but now repl.it is powerful enough to host it for me. The way it works is that it has an `essays/` folder with markdown files and every file has a descriptor -- title, date, etc -- at the top. When the server starts it reads the essays directory, parses the files, and builds the index. It's simple, but I like the freedom it gives me to change it easily, unlike some static site generators where they can be really hard to change.
posted by amasad (646) 10 days ago
Working Memory Tutorial
This is a tutorial about how to improve your working memory. Before we start you need to know what working memory is. According to google working memory is the part of short-term memory that is concerned with immediate conscious perceptual and linguistic processing basically it is the ability to be given data to memorize it and then to be able to recall it immediately. Before learning some techniques from my tutorial to improve your working memory I want you to go to the bottom of the code and play my memory game. This memory game will give you score and I want you to record this score because after reading my tutorial you are going to play the game again and I am almost 99% sure that you will see some improvement. Now you will learn about how to improve your working memory! # The Link Method ------------------------ The Link Method is one of the easiest mnemonic (a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.) techniques available, yet quite powerful. To use the link method you just associate items in a list with memorable things which are easy to remember. Let’s say that you want to remember that Surrey is in British Columbia Example: The Devil lives in British Columbia and she got mad. Now the Devil feels SoRRY (Surrey) he bothered her. # The Number/Rhyme System ---------------------------------------- The Number/Rhyme technique is a very simple way of remembering lists of items in a specific order. You can take items in a list and match them so they rhyme as shown below. **1 - Bun** ** 2 - Shoe ** ** 3 - Tree ** ** 4 - Door ** ** 5 - Hive ** ** 6 - Bricks ** **7 - Heaven ** ** 8 - Skate ** ** 9 - Line ** ** 10 - Hen ** ** A - Eh? ** **B - Bee ** etc. # The Number/Shape System -------------------------------------- The Number/Shape system is very similar to the Number/Rhyme system. It is very effective for remembering numbers and is very easy to do . Associate numbers and letters which look like common shapes to the human eye. Example: 0 = ball 1 = stick 2 = swan 3 = butterfly 4 = sailboat 5 = hook 6 = elephant's trunk 7 = boomerang 8 = snowman 9 = balloon on a string # The Alphabet Technique --------------------------------- The Alphabet system is basically the same as the number and shape system but it is used for memorizing letters. You can associate letters with words which sound out the letter here our some examples: A - Ace of spades B - Bee C - Sea D - Diesel engine E - Eagle F - Effluent # The Roman Room Mnemonic --------------------------------------- _This is the most efficient yet hardest one to master on the list._ This method is just to imagine the given set of data in front of you as if it is in a room with you. If you were trying to remember the names of books imagine the books with their names on a bookshelf. # Phone Number Method or Group Method ------------------------------------------------------ I thought of this one myself because it helps me a lot! This method is the best for me. I memorize things in groups as if they were phone numbers. Example: You are given a list of random characters to memorize A,7,9,6,5,4,3,2,D,O instead of just memorizing each one individually memorize them in groups. **(A - 7 - 9) (5 - 4 - 3) (2-D-O)** It is much easier to memorize the 3 small groups then one big one. Now you have learnt how to memorize things more efficiently! Try the game out again using these techniques and see if you can beat the score you got before. I am sure you will! Make sure to leave this tutorial a like and comment your score before you read my tutorial and than your score after! _**PS I will be adding some more methods and this is in its editing stage right now so please ignore typos:). Also if you know any methods that help you memorize stuff please list them below in the comment section! If you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to leave a like!**_
posted by IEATPYTHON (133) about 1 month ago
Battlegrounds: Console Edition
Well, this is one of my first fighting games. Pretty simple, and basically a fungus compared to a videogame like Fortnite. But please try it. Although the instructions are in the game, here are the instructions: It is you versus the enemy. The enemy has attacked your hill. Your goal: _Defend your stand._ You take turns striking blows against each other. Here are actions you can do when it is your turn to strike: - Attack up (type, AU) - Attack down (type, AD) Once your turn has passed, it will be the opponents's turn to fight back. But you can defend yourself. - Block Attack (type, BL. Half of the damage is dealt.) - Dodge Up (type, DU. there is a 50% chance of being hit.) - Dodge Down (type, DD. there is a 50% chance of being hit.) A full hit = 20 damage A blocked hit = 10 damage A dodged hit = No damage You keep taking turns until one of you falls. Are you ready? Fight! (Press "Enter/Return" to continue...) ================================================================ My final words for you: "Enjoy the game!" (I admit, "My final words" doesn't sound very good.) P.S. The game looks best if you go to this link: http://battlegrounds.grantkeo.repl.run/ ![ASCII Soldier 1](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1541516425273_e9f81f262c7f30f35639a29e0376fa5b.pn)
posted by GrantKeo (11) 13 days ago
Shakespearean Insult Generator
posted by JJCTPMS (581) 7 months ago
Pathfinder II
An improved version of my first path finding algorithm. This time it notes down each intersection and makes a choice there. If it later runs into a dead end it will jump back to that intersection and make a different choice. The dead end paths are marked in blue. The red path is the way to the end. It also will first pick a way that leads down because the end is at the bottom. Only if that is a dead end will it chose anther. I also switched out the maze for something a lot bigger because it would solve the smaller maze so fast that you did not get to see it. I recommend you open it in a new tab to see the whole maze. I hope you like it! Post any recommendations in the comments.
posted by kaldisberzins (178) about 1 month ago
[New levels] 🔴 WebGL Rolling Sky
### Make sure to check out my another game! https://repl.it/talk/challenge/3D-Online-Multiplayer-Shooter/5323 ### And also my new programming language! https://repl.it/talk/share/NOOBLANG-v2/5486 --- One of my older projects Used the **Three.js** library *100%* made by me! **Play** 👉 https://rolling-sky--jser.repl.co/ ### 🎮 How to play: * Click or touch the screen to start * 🖱 **Control the ball** with your mouse or your finger 👆 * Don't let the ball to fall 'till the end! ### 💡 Tips: * At first you'll feel hard to control the ball, but **try more** and it'll be more comfortable to play * 📱 If you're on a **mobile** device, it's best to rotate the screen to **portrait** Inspired by the original **Rolling Sky** avaliable on App Store or Google Play More **levels** and **features** will be added in the future 👇 Report **bugs** or give **suggestions** in the comments below 👇 👍 Don't forget to give me an **upvote**! **Bonus**: Level designer (Beta) https://rolling-sky.jser.repl.co/level-creator/
posted by JSer (894) 8 months ago
the rules of Minecraft (the first two and a few others!)
Just a funny tutorial!
posted by epicman702 (31) about 1 month ago
Repl Talk Discord Bot
This bot automatically puts things posted in repl talk into the [Repl.it Discord](https://discord.gg/XadDsju).
posted by mat1 (307) 3 months ago
A blog on the terminal
I tried to build the most hacker like blog possible - let me know what you think! Check it out at [repl.run](https://blog.jajoosam.repl.run/) Guide to building your own is dropping soon :)
posted by jajoosam (120) 14 days ago
Brute Force Password Cracker
https://repl.it/@CyanCoding/Brute-Force-Password-Cracker I built the Brute Force Password Cracker as a fun program to test out passwords, and to test my knowledge of Python 3 and its libraries.
posted by CyanCoding (1260) 9 months ago
AHH (Esoteric Programming Language)
I got really bored one day, so I decided to make an esoteric programming language. It has the exact same syntax as Javascript, just that every keyword is replaced with an interjection. You'll see what I mean if you check out the file. Not all keywords are covered, and there is no actual compiler for this language. (Pasted from readme.md) # AHH Programming Language The AHH language is an esoteric programming language, built to encapsulate the power of human noises. (Contains the same syntax as JavaScript) !HAA - comment !HA AH! - multi line comment AH - statement end (;) AHH - variable declaration (let) HAH - constant variable declaration (const) EE - assignment operator = RE - opening parentheses ( ER - closing parentheses ) YE - opening braces { EY - closing braces } YA - opening brackets [ AY - closing brackets ] AA - double quotes UH - escape char UHNO - newline UHTO - tab space UHBA - backspace UHRE - carriage return UHFE - form feed UHUH - UH UHAA - AA WA - + AW - - WAA - * AAW - / WAAA - ** (power) WAW - % (modulus) WO - += OW - -= WOO - *= OOW - /= WOOO - **= WOW - %= OOP - ++ OOPS - -- AGH - IF ARGH - ELSE EEE - == ERE - != EK - < KE - > EEK - <= KEE - >= GAH - and GEE - or GRR - not OH - , OO - . OHO - : HMM - function HMPH - => WOAH - return TSK - raise SHH - catch LO - try OOY - for OY - while YO - do YEA - true NO - false NU - null TCH - class TA - this TAT - new VROOM - constructor SOOP - super BAM - get JAM - set ROAR - Function to print to console with a new line RAWR - Function to print to console BREATH - Function to take in a string input Comments !HAA THIS IS A PROGRAM !HA THIS IS MULTILINE AH! Integer variable AHH NUM1 EE 4 AH String variable AHH STR1 EE AA HELLO WORLD! AA AH Hello world! Program ROAR REE AA HELLO WORLD! AA ERR AH If statement AGH RE VAR1 EEK VAR2 ER YE ROAR RE VAR1 ER AH EY ARGH YE ROAR RE VAR2 ER AH Exception LOO YE VAR OO SOMEMETHOD AH EY SHH EXCEPTION YE ROAR AA FAILED AA AH EY Function definition HMM SQUARE RE NUM ER YE WOAH NUM WAAA 2 AH EY For loop OYY RE AHH II EE 0 AH II EK 3 AH II OOP ER YE RAWR RE AA NUMBER AA ER AH RAWR RE II ER AH ROAR RE ER AH EY While loop AHH RE NUM EEE 0 ER AH OY RE NUM EK 5 ER YE RAWR RE NUM ER AH RAWR RE AA AA ER AH EY ROAR RE ER AH Do-while loop AHH SOMENUM EE 0 AH YO YE RAWR RE AA HELLO AA ER AH EY OY RE SOMENUM ERE 0 ER AH Array variable AHH SOMEARR EE YA 1 OH 2 OH 3 AY AH Constant variable HAH PI EE 3 OO 14159 AH Classes TCH RECTANGLE YE VROOM RE LENGTH OH WIDTH ER YE TA OO LENGTH EE LENGTH AH TA OO WIDTH EE WIDTH AH EY BAM LENGTH RE ER YE WOAH TA OO WIDTH EY JAM LENGTH RE VALUE ER YE TA OO WIDTH EE VALUE AH EY BAM WIDTH RE ER YE WOAH TA OO WIDTH EY JAM WIDTH RE VALUE ER YE TA OO WIDTH EE VALUE AH EY BAM AREA RE ER YE WOAH CALCAREA RE ER AH EY CALCAREA RE ER YE WOAH TA OO WIDTH WAA TA OO LENGTH AH EY EY AHH RECTANGLEY EE TAT RECTANGLE RE 3 OH 4 ER AH ROAR RE RECTANGLEY OO AREA ER AH !HAA >> 12 RECTANGLEY OO LENGTH EE 4 AH ROAR RE RECTANGLEY OO AREA ER AH !HAA >> 16
posted by EdericOytas (1) 1 day ago
Experimental online GUI Editor
An online GUI editor for Python, still experimental
posted by DavideRosa (27) about 2 months ago
3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
📰 Featured in the **Repl.it Newsletter** Made with pure JS (Node.js for server-side) Used the **Three.js** and **Socket.io** libraries Play 👉 https://3D--jser.repl.co ### 🎮 How to Play: * ⌨ `W` `A` `S` `D` keys to move * ⌨ `Space` to jump * 🖱 Move your mouse to look around * 🔫 Click to shoot (You can only shoot once every 0.5 seconds) * 🏆 Every time you kill a player, you get 1 score * 💀 Once you fall down or die, you'll get respawned ### 💡 Tips: * 📶 If you have poor internet connection, it'll be laggy and sometimes you can't even move * Be careful with the controls (There's a delay between the server and clients) * Mobile support isn't fully implemented yet, so it's better to play on a computer! * It's more fun to play with multiple players, so call your friend to play together! 👍 Don't for get to give me an upvote! Leave bugs and suggestions below, or join the Repl.it Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XadDsju ### Changelog * Aug 8 - Thx @tanglx4310: Fixed bug where you can glide down * Aug 6 - Added score system! * Jul 29 - Initial release!
posted by JSer (894) 4 months ago
HOS (Hellewell Operating System)
HOS is a basic text based operating system that is similar to DOS. HOS is only able to do a limited amount of things. However, in the future I will be adding more to HOS. Since this is an operating system, you can link me your python repls to me and I will try my best to add them in (I will credit your name). New features: 29/09/18: BTB, converts binary to backslashes (made by @HappyFakeboulde), add, subtract, time and divide are all now implemented. 30/09/18: 1d Terrain Gen v2 (made by @HappyFakeboulde) makes 1d randomly generated terrain. The system is now faster at installing. You can now see how much space is left (You can still install everything)! The feature 'install everything' has been removed due to difficulties with the new storage system. 2/10/18: 'squared' and 'cubed' have been added. The storage space has been increased from 75 bytes to 90 bytes. News: 29/09/18: We have reached the 5 upvotes goal! Can we reach 10? We have reached the 300 lines of code goal! Can we reach 400? We have been upvoted by @timmy_i_chen! We have had our first usercreated programme! Can we reach 5 of them? 30/9/18: We have reached the 400 lines of code mark! Can we reach 500? 2/10/18: We have reached the 500 lines of code mark! Can we reach 750? This is now my most popular repl in terms of upvotes in front of LuaH ( https://repl.it/@HarveyH/LuaH ) and have the same amount of comments! 3/10/18: GREAT NEWS, I have been put on the repl.it newsletter, I am very honoured 😁 5/10/18: We have reached the 10 upvotes goal! It would be amazing if we could 15! 16/10/18: I can't believe it! We have reached 15 upvotes! Can we reach 20 (because right now, that would be amazing!)?
posted by HarveyH (50) about 2 months ago
CodeJam entry (Pong)
For the 4th codejam competition (challenge was to make a game in the terminal), I decided to recreate the game Pong. It is single-player only, but does have a computer player. Controls: - "w" / up-arrow = move paddle upwards. - "s" / down-arrow = move paddle downwards - "1", "2", "3" = set game speed to "slow", "normal", or "fast". Any feedback would be appreciated!
posted by theangryepicbanana (125) 22 days ago
Working Chatroom
It's a chatroom! https://repl.it/@pyelias/Chatroom If there's any bugs, say so in the chat \(or comment here\). And don't spam or you get muted.
posted by pyelias (570) 9 months ago
First Adventure (Python)
This is my first adventure game as a beginner in python and coding in general. Any feedback or advice is appreciated, but I just wanted to share! Edit: Thanks for featuring me in the Weekly Highlight!
posted by Four_Of_Clubs (46) about 2 months ago
Fullern Tutorials: Webscraping
View the website at https://webscraping-tutorial--fullern000.repl.co/. Thank you and please upvote!
posted by fullern000 (671) about 1 month ago
Connect 4 in the console (with color and animations!)
Using the new xterm terminal in Ruby, I've created a Connect 4 recreation that runs in the console, has color, and has animations. The game is two-player (no cpu yet). Controls: "a" / left-arrow = move left "d" / right-arrow = move right enter / return = drop piece Any feedback would be appreciated!
posted by theangryepicbanana (125) 25 days ago
Fast Terminal Operating System
This is a fast and visually appealing OS made in Python called, XDOS. I'm looking for feedback. This is still a work in progress.
posted by DanielSchumache (12) 12 days ago
Note: This is based off of the game agar.io. Try to get as many food pieces as possible so you can defeat the other player! This is a local multiplayer game, which the means the opponent has to be using the same keyboard. Red Square: Use WASD or Red Buttons. Blue Square: Use arrows or Blue Buttons. Good Luck and make sure to vote this! Also, this has been posted under the share topic at: https://repl.it/talk/share/Agario/5511. This game has gotten a first place tie in the repl.it multiplayer game challenge!
posted by vedprad1 (138) 4 months ago
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