The Repl Report II
Futuristics (40)

Hey Guys! I am starting something new called the Repl Report! This is basically a newspaper, and you can keep up to date with what's happening in Repl. And since I can't do everything alone, I am asking you guys to give me some stories or advertisements about things that are happening in Repl. And I will also advertise your projects! And make sure to upvote this so more people see.

There is now an additional news feature where you can actually see the news now. And Projects are now being featured in the New Popular Projects!

Oh, and it works best in the new tab feature. :)

The other Repl Reports:
The Repl Report Volume I

The Repl Report Volume II

The Repl Report Volume III

The Repl Report Volume IV

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SpaceFire (84)
  1. does advertising cost anything? 2. Can we reserve spots for soon to be projects? pls tell us soon this would be very helpful
Futuristics (40)

@SpaceFire Advertising costs an upvote. You can reserve spots, but they may be pushed back if some newer more popular projects come out. Thanks!

SpaceFire (84)

@Futuristics i can confirm my upvote.

SpaceFire (84)

@Futuristics do i need anything to reserve an adspot for future?

Futuristics (40)

@SpaceFire Each new volume of the Repl Report comes out every 4 Days. If you want to reserve and if there is a spot I can do it. So just put the link in the Story/Advertisement Submission. Thanks!

Futuristics (40)

@Futuristics There is now a new program, and we need you guys to tell us whether we should include it in the Repl Report!

Your To Do List

Futuristics (40)

@SpaceFire The Repl Report III has now been realeased! In this volume, we talk about some actual news that happened in Repl regarding the new rules! And several new projects are now alo be featured on our site! So feel free to come and upvote so more people see! You can advertise!