My First Online Multiplayer Game :D
CodeSalvageON (558)

This is my first attempt at creating an online multiplayer game. I will be creating another one, so leave your suggestions and thoughts down below!
Official Discord Server:

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ShivankChhaya (85)

1 single flaw(and this is not your fault): THE PACKAGE LOADING TAKES WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CodeSalvageON (558)

@ShivankChhaya xD I agree, the next game I make will have much more efficient package loading

Cookiezz (65)

@CodeSalvageON I know this doesn't necessarily make it faster, but you can simplify it by using commas. Like this:

import os, re, sys, cv2, mss, time, numpy, poetry, replit, random, urllib3, requests, pytesseract, urllib.request

Great game btw!