Don't Touch Your Face!
AlephZero (307)

Don't Touch Your Face!

Don't Touch Your Face is a website designed to help you break the habit of touching your face, to keep yourself and your surroundings safe of coronavirus. Here's a quick demo video:

How do I use it?

When you enter the website, teach the algorithm to recognize when you touch your face, by providing it with a few seconds of you touching your face and not touching your face. It only takes a few seconds, and then it should be good to go!

Once the algorithm is trained, it will alert you with a very annoying sound every time you touch your face. You can even leave it running in the background. Also, if you notice any mistakes, you can just train it again to add more data, and it should fix itself.

It will also collect stats of how much you're touching your face and display them to you, and show you random tips and facts about the coronavirus, to help you stay educated and up-to-date.


This project was created for the code jam, by Misha Farber Brodsky (@liltaco) and Maya Farber Brodsky (@AlephZero).

IMPORTANT: This is the build version, the source code is available here: We decided to upload the build just in case, because we occasionally got errors in development with the source code version.

The website is built using React.js, and the machine learning model powering it uses a technique called transfer learning, and is adapted from the algorithm powering Google's Teachable Machine - essentially, there is a pretrained ImageNet model that can already recognize pictures, and its second-to-last layer is feeded into a K-Nearest-Neighbors model, which is the only thing trained during execution. All the training happens right on your browser, and just with your face's data! Actually, the model isn't specific for face data, and can essentially be used for any type of classification.

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AlephZero (307)

@11legos Cool idea! I'll add it tomorrow.