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2.5 Lab
Bincent909 (0)


targetfanttthat (90)

Please stop spamming repl talk with posts that have no description other than "adfjafj" everytime.
repl talk is a place to share your projects of which you spend allot of time and allot of hard work on.
Please, stop spamming repl talk :)

Bincent909 (0)

@targetfanttthat Sorry about that, I'm new to this and didn't realize that it was spammed to people. Anyway I can save these privately on the site?

targetfanttthat (90)

@Bincent909 Yes to your profile. When you click the "share" button within the repl it sends to a thing called "repl talk: share" where people share there projects.
You can make your repl private, but if not, no need to do automatically saves everything for you