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3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
JSer (680)

📰 Featured in the Newsletter
Made with pure JS (Node.js for server-side)
Used the Three.js and libraries
Play 👉

🎮 How to Play:

  • W A S D keys to move
  • Space to jump
  • 🖱 Move your mouse to look around
  • 🔫 Click to shoot (You can only shoot once every 0.5 seconds)
  • 🏆 Every time you kill a player, you get 1 score
  • 💀 Once you fall down or die, you'll get respawned

💡 Tips:

  • 📶 If you have poor internet connection, it'll be laggy and sometimes you can't even move
  • Be careful with the controls (There's a delay between the server and clients)
  • Mobile support isn't fully implemented yet, so it's better to play on a computer!
  • It's more fun to play with multiple players, so call your friend to play together!

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  • Aug 8
  • Aug 6
    • Added score system!
  • Jul 29
    • Initial release!
spybrave (351)

@JSer: I don't know why but when I CLICK the link or open it in a new tab only the white screen appears nothing else...

JSer (680)

@spybrave That was a temporary problem and it's now fixed

JSer (680)

@spybrave I was just updating the server!

JSer (680)

@spybrave Are you able to play it now? Also make sure to vote it! ☺️

spybrave (351)

@JSer No words to say!!!(maybe)

ebest (640)

@spybrave I thought you were me.


hayaodeh (188)

Can we have an overview map? I don't know where I'm at in the game 😬


All I see is a white screen...


Can someone play with me

demonismog (4)

I see the "Be careful with the controls" part but - the physics are all janky (some kind of velocity is kept and shared between the jumping and moving) and you can even glide/fly by jumping in the air, not sure if this was intentional - just pointing it out, so far so good though other than the couple of weird movement quirks. <3

JSer (680)

@demonismog Oh I see. It's just the delay between the server and the clients

syc1 (23)

There's a bug where when you walk forward and move the mouse you don't turn. Is this intentional?

KellerWorthen (40)

@syc1 im having that problem too

JSer (680)

@KellerWorthen I didn't make it keep moving along the camera's line of sight

hoop4life (268)

You should create a thing were u also move with arrow keys

ChristopherLi5 (13)

Maybe next time, you could add other game modes such as team battle or capture the flag.

Steven_The_GuyT (233)

Hey, I think this game would be more fun with computer generated enemies! The enemies don't have to be smart; they can jump off the map whenever they want to, but you should make it so that they shoot at you!

Helixable (7)

It's broken. It won't load in. Every time I open the link, the game sais "unable to wake up"

catty_boi2 (2)


no one plays with me :(

eevee444 (19)

how do i see the code for this?

Nanowrimoijk (43)

anyone want to find a time to play? (i don't have discord and i'm too lazy to get it)

Nanowrimoijk (43)

could use a bigger map but other than that cool game!

Nanowrimoijk (43)

sweet game the difficult part though is finding someone to play against!

the_username (10)

This is amazing, could you add a flat map with some cover? What program do you use and the library(s) if I can know?


Why can't the CPU attack you

JSer (680)

@Hatch_canada It's not CPU lmao, it's real people afk

PuspitaDasroy (7)

hello! I really want to play the game but every time I click the link it's a blank white page :(

JSer (680)

@PuspitaDasroy Press Ctrl+Shift+I to open the developer tools. Navigate to the console tab. What error logs can you see there?

DylanSimpson (1)

Hey so i figuered out that if you jump while moving forward and move the mouse in the direction where you want to go you will just keep on moving in the first direction and jump off of the platform or miss it depending on what you want to do

Caronte (1)

You'll share the source code?

tanglx4310 (2)

There's a slight glitch / cheat in the game where you can repeatedly tap space bar while jumping off a platform to slowly glide down to another platform

tanglx4310 (2)

@JSer No problem! I'm all about the exploits XD

Darklordx (5)

I don't know a whole lot about clients talking to servers and stuff but maybe you could add a AI for every player playing? So, when you connect to the page two people spawn, where you control one guy and the other dude is an AI. But all the calculations could be done on your own computer so as not to lag out the already-bad server. b/c its kind of boring when nobody else is on. Otherwise, it's really cool! I opened it in two windows and had fun killing myself.

eventiger2018 (2)

it tried to turn of my mouse
otherwise so far so good!

Leroy01010 (182)

a bit slow but nice!!