3D Online Multiplayer Shooter šŸ”«šŸ”«
JSer (1213)

šŸ“° Featured in the Repl.it Newsletter
Made with pure JS (Node.js for server-side)
Used the Three.js and Socket.io libraries
Play šŸ‘‰ https://3D--jser.repl.co

šŸŽ® How to Play:

  • āŒØ W A S D keys to move
  • āŒØ Space to jump
  • šŸ–± Move your mouse to look around
  • šŸ”« Click to shoot (You can only shoot once every 0.5 seconds)
  • šŸ† Every time you kill a player, you get 1 score
  • šŸ’€ Once you fall down or die, you'll get respawned

šŸ’” Tips:

  • šŸ“¶ If you have poor internet connection, it'll be laggy and sometimes you can't even move
  • Be careful with the controls (There's a delay between the server and clients)
  • Mobile support isn't fully implemented yet, so it's better to play on a computer!
  • It's more fun to play with multiple players, so call your friend to play together!

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  • Aug 8
  • Aug 6
    • Added score system!
  • Jul 29
    • Initial release!
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DylanSimpson (1)

Hey so i figuered out that if you jump while moving forward and move the mouse in the direction where you want to go you will just keep on moving in the first direction and jump off of the platform or miss it depending on what you want to do