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3D Online Tag Game
rafaelcastrocouto (44)

Vanilla JS 3D Online Tag Game

timmy_i_chen (1048)

It just loads for forever for me, did the server c rash? :(

rafaelcastrocouto (44)

@timmy_i_chen does it crash on server side or on the client browser? What's your browser?

timmy_i_chen (1048)

@rafaelcastrocouto Ah, it works for me now - before it would load infinitely until it timed out.

rafaelcastrocouto (44)

@timmy_i_chen Great, I really hope you like it! I'm feeling very proud of being able to create a 3D perspective in a multiplayer game without frameworks and engines!

timmy_i_chen (1048)

@rafaelcastrocouto For sure! What's so cool is that this is all vanilla JS - no 3D libraries or anything. Kudos!

amasad (2066)

Really awesome game and underrated!

BehramArif (1)

I REALLY like how something happens when you turn, but it hurts my eyes.

nice job tho!

DotaCardChannel (0)

Neat pure 3D JS. Loved the tagged "drunk effect" s2