8-bit Programmable Computer
shishone (6)

it is an 8-bit computer that is not based on any design but my own (at least to my knowledge) and I made it true to 8-bit as i could with some exceptions. I mostly don't care what you do with it just have fun with it. It does have it's own instruction set so make what ever you want hardware,software,etc.

ram: 256 bytes
stack: 128 bytes
Rom/Cart/Disk: 64KB (16-bit address space from BIOS but 8-bit data)
CPU registers: 4
CPU speed: 0.0001 secs
(BIOS is basically the Motherboard)
BIOS Hardware range 1-15 (4-bit control flag and 0 is taken)
(each hardware will only get 1 byte sent to it if used by CPU)

Basic Graphics Hardware Specs:
instructions: 12
color?: yes
color amount: 8 back 8 fore 3 style
screen handling: text only

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shishone (6)

@AdCharity ok that's not hard to put there and i'll make it colorful with the 8 colors and allow it to run on the Rom.txt