8-bit Programmable Computer
shishone (6)

it is an 8-bit computer that is not based on any design but my own (at least to my knowledge) and I made it true to 8-bit as i could with some exceptions. I mostly don't care what you do with it just have fun with it. It does have it's own instruction set so make what ever you want hardware,software,etc.

ram: 256 bytes
stack: 128 bytes
Rom/Cart/Disk: 64KB (16-bit address space from BIOS but 8-bit data)
CPU registers: 4
CPU speed: 0.0001 secs
(BIOS is basically the Motherboard)
BIOS Hardware range 1-15 (4-bit control flag and 0 is taken)
(each hardware will only get 1 byte sent to it if used by CPU)

Basic Graphics Hardware Specs:
instructions: 12
color?: yes
color amount: 8 back 8 fore 3 style
screen handling: text only

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shishone (6)

@AdCharity done with it so now it will display

and ignore the press stop thing that is what the halt command does it basically stops the entire program from looping indefinitely.