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hoop4life (268)

ask a question(not like 1+1)
and have fun pls
and like me

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AHulot (43)

Me: Are you dumb?

Code: Signs point to yes.

Me: Are you sure?

Code: No doubt about it!

Saber127 (0)

Ask a question.Does my crush like me back?
Ask a question.Was the answer above a lie??
For sure
Ask a you told me my crush likes me back but i was a lie??
It may just work
Ask a question.What does that mean? so does she like me or not?
No doubt about it!
Ask a if i ask her out rn she will say yes?
Obviously not
Ask a question.So then she doesnt like me?
It may just work
Ask a question.Does she like me or not damnit
Ask a question.that doesnt answe- ugh whatever should i ask her out?
It may just work
Ask a question.Yes or no???!?!?!
For sure
Ask a question.was that a lie?
Truthfully, I think that the answer is yes.
Ask a question.i give up
Ask a i should not give up?
It may just work
Ask a i should ask her out truthfully this time please
For sure
Ask a question.ight bet will do bye
Truthfully, I think that the answer is yes.

should i asker her out this program doesn't seem to know.
Nice work so much fun to have fake conversations with it

LittleNomster (112)

so apparently im an allien. I love this program

hoop4life (268)

how did I get so many likes?

etian (32)

Ask a question.k
Obviously not
Ask a question.

hoop4life (268)

Thank you guys so much for giving me a like!