90s WEBSITE (Pizza Fenzy)
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How did you add the song? Nice website btw

Hariz_Hazril (319)

@evanyang1: <iframe width="1" height="1" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/your youtube vid code?rel=0&autoplay=1"
frameborder="0"></iframe> #(just make it small)

WikingGaffa (39)

@harizhazril: I tried adding autoplay on my site but didnt get it to work. I might try again

Hariz_Hazril (319)

@denerdahvid: can you give me the link of your site

Hariz_Hazril (319)

@denerdahvid: Try this:
No music : https://pizza-fenzy-competitive-90s-website--hariz_hazril.repl.co
music : http://hariz_hazril.repl.co/Pizza-Fenzy-Competitive-90s-Website/

try edit the link. make sure you put the iframe, maybe the error comeout but it not effected the music.