A Cool Python Mini App
JeswinSunsi (27)

Here's a small program that I made in Python. The code was inspired from Mike Dane. (He's really good, go check him out too at MikeDane.com) My program allows the user to replace a letter to another specific one in a given sentence..
Please do upvote and check out some of my other cool stuff..

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A nice thing to add would be a loop, using while True or a for loop, just so you don't have to re-run the program for each new sentence.

JeswinSunsi (27)

Ya, I do want to add a while loop but im barely getting time. Im 14 and school is killing me. lol. Thenks anyway

ChristianTS (1)

@JeswinSunsi You could have added one and it would have been quicker than typing out that reply.

JeswinSunsi (27)

Bruv shut up. I code on my PC and I typed that out in my phone. And im not adding loop now cuz iv moved on to another project. Add a loop if you want, that is, if you even know how to code..