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A-Frame - VR
EitanAlperstein (1)

This is a simple A-Frame from Codecademy.

  • A-Frame can be added by using:<script src=""></script>
  • A-Frame code is contained inside an <a-scene> element that establishes the scene with the following primitives:
    • <a-box>
    • <a-sphere>
    • <a-cylinder>
    • <a-plane>
    • <a-sky>
  • Each of the primitives can be transformed with the following components:
    • color
    • position
    • rotation
    • scale

With these tools, we now have the power to create the building blocks of our VR scene.

To learn more about primitives, visit the A-Frame documentation.

For more info, go to the Codecademy A-Frame (VR) Course.