A Python Fishtank
Zexogon (845)

just a little animation i made after i got bored
watch the fish swim around
might add the option to feed them if i get around to it

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AdCharity (1286)

that probably took a while to make :D

Warhawk947 (511)

@Clubpenguinded thats kind of a mean thing to say but ok...

Zexogon (845)

@Clubpenguinded id like to see you do better :)

AdCharity (1286)

@Clubpenguinded yea but compared to the dozens of spam works this is pretty great. I mean look at the empty project. It’s literally a joke with less code and comparable upvotes

Zavexeon (1054)

@Zexogon Hey, just report messages like that, please. :3
I deleted it and will ban the user.