A Representation of 50/50 chance
Zexogon (609)

Now i know this is not some amazing WOW NEW GAME project or anything but i made this and realized that this was a good representation of 50/50 chance how this works is that there is a 50% chance the program will add a to the string and there is a 50% chance that the program will take away a star from the program and running this shows how even your odds are. for me every time i run it the 's almost always take up about half the screen which shows how a 1 in 2 chance is truly 1 in 2. this can be represented with a coin toss too with the * side being heads and the blank side being tails. just a neat thing i made i thought you guys might want to see enjoy

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MatthewDoan1 (254)

@EthanCulp @Zexogon Nothing is ever truly random, so to speak. Since everything depends on cause and effect, well, if you take into account the million billion trillion gazillion factors, such as the force of the flip and the pressure of the air, when you flip a coin, you'll be able to predict whether it lands heads or tails.

But don't mind me, I'm just being pedantic. Pseudorandom is pretty close to random.