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A cool loading animation
ExplosionScratc (172)

How do you guys like it? Any feedback?

ExplosionScratc (172)

Okay guys, everyone I know from scratch is asking so... I'm --Explosion-- on scratch, Explosion-Scratch on GitHub and this is my repl account. Feel free to say hi at any of those places!

xmasboy (3)

Checked your scratch account I also do scratch! xmas_boy is my [email protected]

CoolGuy27 (34)

@ExplosionScratc I do scratch as well, account not shared yet but you might find me (@Beyblade345)

CoolGuy27 (34)

@ExplosionScratc I love Life and Faded good job!

JonDoeBeep (21)

@CoolGuy27 I used to scratch and did random things. Im not active there anymore tho.

hello1964 (23)

Hey explosion I used to be used scratch too I was one of your followers

CatR3kd (331)

I used to do scratch... I remember you! @ExplosionScratc

RayhanADev (376)

That’s pretty neat pal. I started on Scratch and then hopped into the big boy editors xD. @ExplosionScratc




@HyperGamerStuds lol, of course ur follower count engine :)

JackFranzel (14)

I do scratch too, but I'm better here. I'm (@senorbomby) @ExplosionScratc

Whippingdot (4)

@ExplosionScratc Even I use scratch. But I am not good at all. i don't like block coding because of that. I am better at python(intermediate) and c++(beginner) than scratch. i never understand it. Anyway, my account is sanjaay. Literally my name. Ugh! I created this account around 8 years ago.

looserty (0)

@ExplosionScratc How many people have Scratch & accounts. ('Cause I do)

hihitherethere (3)

@looserty Lol me too! (Though i don't use it anymore)

JonasPetri (0)

@ExplosionScratc Your Scratch projects are as great as your repls (and your repls are really good!). My username on Scratch is @10greg.

DynamicSquid (3642)

Oh that's awesome! It's so satisfying

RayhanADev (376)

Huh, this is a really nice use of animation in CSS. Congrats mate!

ChezTacoz (342)

Ugh this game taking forever to load 0 stars XD

Glare (230)

I like how you included shadows. This is very good!

DabDatBass (10)

Ah, nice to see some people from Scratch here. :) Edit: also, cool that you used the 'animation' thing lol. I can't really figure it out though, maybe give some tips?

RolandJLevy (499)

Hey @ExplosionScratc, this is excellent! Great to see someone creating something this good purely with CSS. You've done a great job! :)

drunkenkismet (0)

I dig. Great use of CSS, and it shows devs we don't always need to jump to JS to achieve nifty animations.

I almost prefer it without the off-centered Loading... text -- the bouncing, infinitum dots kind of give away the game :)

arjgupta (2)

I like the animation. For a second, I forgot that it was a animation and was waiting for it to finish loading...Still waiting! XD

SeamusDonahue (36)

pretty awesome, takes too long to load (that was a joke XD)

AgastyaSandhuja (156)

awesome! would you mind making another site showing how this can be implemented?

retronbv (102)

Explosion go to the scratchaddons discord

CaidynDibean (0)

This is amazing good job

Lambutty (1)

Thats really nice :) Very statisfying

agatonjailine (0)

How can i see the image im new to this

PlaySoccer (40)

This is a really nice loading animation. Search engines and websites should use this instead of their boring loading screen.

elipie (111)

@ExplosionScratc suggestion: make the three .'s do a ... thing, cause it looks kinda weird with the dots moving and the bigger dots not, just a suggestion dont have to add it

juul02 (0)

It's a really beautiful loading animation!

RohilPatel (1310)

the page doesnt load

ridark (93)

i also do scratch: scratch page
@ExplosionScratc whats you scratch page?
(ill follow u)

ridark (93)

im also on github: i think

AmazingMech2418 (910)

Nice! And with no JavaScript too! Though, why is all of your code after the closing HTML tag?

shivamnarkar47 (0)

Good animation skills