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A few seconds of fun
EdHeller (1)

I dunno if it's even worth sharing but I wanted to test out PUG so I made a little thing, mixing some code here and there. Seems to be an issue with the URL use this one instead

It's probably because of how I just made express route to the image with a URL to provide the image in a JSON format for use in JS. Based on the now dead Okozo desktop demo swf that was the Okozo logo in this style made interactive. (It also lagged but it was able to handle a good deal more particles in flash, IDK why...)

Anywho PUG is neat might save some time if ya have a huge template style site but it could also make some bloat if used incorrectly. The formatting's not exactly pristine though but perhaps it's just my lack of experience. Anywho all your cycles belong to us. Tell me what your most desired feature in an OS would be below and or leave a review of all this bad code and ideas to improve it or another project you'd like to see.