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A little challenge
MocaCDeveloper (175)

BEFORE anyone post a comment saying "should be posted in challenge"..I want to make it VERY clear that the challenge part of repl talk seems very, in fact, ABSOLUTELY dead.


I challenge someone, or multiple people(if this is the case then I'll pick the best of all of them), to build a compiler that will compile my language(BPL) at a fast and easy rate as well as a fast and easy run task.

Comment below if you want to be the person to accept the challenge, and I will let you know when to start!

Yes, I know this is very early to be challenging someone to build a entire compiler for my programming language. I just thought I'd do it now so that the person who accepts the challenge, or the people that accept the challenge, will specifically keep up with updates about the Brew Programming Language

Thoughts, comments, questions? Comment below and upvote.

Bookie0 (3666)

when i run the repl, theres an error, is this supposed to happen?

MocaCDeveloper (175)

@Bookie0 Yes. That is supposed to happen. It found only one argument(./main.o) when there is supposed to be 2(./main.o AND <FILENAME>).