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A maze game that I made

Move through all the levels
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Thank you everybody!

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CT2224 (144)

This is cool. Could you make the maze bigger?


Bigger visually, or more levels?

Bigbodyboy21 (24)

@CHRISTOPHERTIPP It actually worked for me now. but can you make it bigger visually and add more levels?



ThroneUnknown (5)

Great game, but I have a suggestion. Instead of using just # for walls, you could use chr(9600) also, you could use something like getkey instead of having to press enter each time.

hello1964 (26)

This is cool you should make a UI though

Bookie0 (5645)

uhhh no way possible?

but good work anyways, try adding more levels! :)

takenusernames (1)

I tried the game and I liked it. can you try making it, can you try making it visually bigger?

EthanLiu15 (0)

It won't let me move :(

Corinthian (0)

In your game controls, you make the input lowercase, so there is no need to provide logic for uppercase letters. I don't think.

Also, you are repeating a lot of code, google the 'DRY' rule and see how you can reduce repetition by using functions.

DungeonMaster00 (171)


from getkey import *

and for each move, put:

move = getkey()

you wouldnt have to use the same variable name as me, but you wouldn't have to press enter

and to see which key was pressed, you could do:

if move == keys.A:

# do that for all the moves
MatthewXia (25)

instead of writing make your move, then press enter

you should write, make your move big nerd then figure it out.

idk why i thought about this. sry


I added two more levels!

rafrafraf (1365)

this is amazing bro! if possible see if u can make the keyboard movements not require u to hit enter everytime that would be insane

990099 (0)

Consider Pygame

AxelPrel (0)

I don't know how but i found myself stuck, might be a bug :)

AxelPrel (0)

@AxelPrel by the way, you should definetly add an option for other keyboards. just ask before the game if it is a azerty or a querty keyboard, and change the keys according to the answer

PXY (39)

This is cool! Procedurally generated maps in the future? :o

FloCal35 (351)

aMAZEing ;) but the mazes need to be bigger.

CruNiscavits (0)

It doesn't work when i play it for some reason...

PizzaPlanet07 (0)

I am also new so I don't really no

PizzaPlanet07 (0)

How do I work the project?


uppercase inputs now available

JosephSanthosh (1196)

Wow this is so cool! I like the smartness behind this.

KrispyChiken (75)

Lol 66 secs nice game!