A multiplayer open source Pokemon MMO that runs right in your browser!
rshetty (85)

This game uses socket.io/Phaser to run. Please visit http://project-pokeworld.rshetty.repl.co to play the game. Note that this is just an engine at the moment and you will only be able to walk around the bare-bones map I have created.

If you wish to contribute to the project, visit https://github.com/LessKinetik/project-pokeworld.

Thank you!

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Zavexeon (1034)

This is really cool! I love Pokemon and this is pretty neat.

My avatar is actually a Sky Shaymin.

I'd love to contribute, but I don't know how I can. I don't even know how to make sprites... :(

amasad (2397)

@Zavexeon you can learn! Maybe @rshetty can teach you in a multiplayer session.

rshetty (85)

@amasad @Zavexeon sure, I would be happy to help if you want.

Zavexeon (1034)

@rshetty Yay. :)

When will you be available?

rshetty (85)

@Zavexeon not really sure but you can contact me on Discord (Cyndakwil#1574) and we can figure something out